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Beyonce's Year in Fashion Celebrated With 'Sartorial Duty' Video

Beyonce To Receive Journalism Award

B eyonce trumpets her successful year in the fashion industry with a video she uploaded to her Youtube channel showcasing the singer's most alluring "fashion moments" from 2011.

Bey reveals why her Fashion is on top as the stunning video, "Sartorial Duty," captures the singer's presence as a celebrity spokesmodel for L'Oreal, a fashion designer of her own label and as a Tom Ford runway model, all leading to her crowning moment of getting named one of their Best Dressed of the Year by Vogue Magazine.

At this point, Beyonce's presence in fashion is aggressive to the point of total supremacy, so we must agree with one of the leading designers and former Gucci designer Tom Ford when he plainly said, "[She] is a force." Watch: