Kanye West for Topshop? Lunch With Owner Fuels Speculation

Kanye West Skips Paris Fashion Week

K anye West can't seem to get enough fashion lately. Whether he's designing it, wearing it, or tweeting about it, West seems to love every aspect of the art. So it is no surprise that he not only plans to return to Paris Fashion Week next month, but may also be launching a ladies range for Topshop.

A source tells The Daily Mirror that Yeezy grabbed lunch with Topshop king Sir Philip Green at Harrods this week. "Kanye has wanted to work with Sir Philip Green for some time," the source says. "They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth. Kanye is obsessed with the female shape, so if he did a range it would be pretty revealing - not for wallflowers."

However Mr. Green kept his comments vague when asked about the meeting.

"I had lunch with him and, sorry, do I have to report who I have lunch with [...]? He was hungry. So was I. That's what happens at lunchtime. There was no conversation going on. He's a friend of my son," he told the Mirror.

Perhaps Sir Philip encountered some of the not-so-nice reviews Kayne received for last fashion week?