Exclusive: Vivian Girls Go on Tour With Kate Spade

Vivian Girls performed at the Kate Spade Mobile Booth on Friday (Feb. 10) during New York Fashion Week.

The bubbly and fun fashion brand, Kate Spade, has recruited the effervescing indie group the Vivian Girls to kick off their pop-up shop during NYFW and tour with them across the USA.

Seen + Heard at Fashion Week

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On Friday evening (Feb. 10) the girls rocked out of a tour bus decorated with a "Japanese Floral" print pattern by Australian artist Florence covering it next to the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC. The utilitarian fashion brand offers a fictional and rare behind-the-scenes look at a rock-and-roll girl band on tour. The mobile pop-up bus will visit Seattle, Los Angeles and Austin remaining in each city for 3 days selling exclusive "tour" items as well as looks from the new Florence Broadhurst collaborative collection.

"I love female bands and this line was inspired by that exact idea," creative director of Kate Spade Deborah Lloyd told us at the show. "The Vivian Girls were such a natural choice for us. Their effortless cool style perfectly lends itself to Kate Spade's aesthetic. "

The Hook also caught up with the darling Vivian Girls before the performance as they were just finishing dinner at Pastis.

How did the collaboration come about?

The brand built this amazing clothing line based around music. So they were looking for a band to be linked with it and I guess we are a band that they enjoy. We were so happy they approached us because it is a style we wear.

("I always wear dresses when I drum," Ali, the bands new drummer mused. "I was a bit nervous that some things would not work out practically. But it does! And it looks great and fits great. The clothes really make you look good. We love how all the dresses in this line are really classic and timeless.")

What is it like to tour with a fashion brand?

It is definitely an interesting type of tour to do. We have never done anything like this before and we are super happy and excited to be able to have this unique experience. And we are looking forward to traveling!

Who are some of your style icons?

Fran Lebowitz, DJ Taner, and Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Who are some of your favorite designers right now?

There is a line in LA called Chambers, a friend of ours designs it. It is great!

Finally, what songs would you play if you were to DJ a fashion show?

Kate Bush! We were just listening to her before coming here. We always listen to her before performing. Also vintage Madonna, that has a great beat that would be sexy to walk to.