Neon Trees: Style Council

Neon Trees: Style Council

"For me, fashion's always been the most fun aspect of existing. Since I was thirteen years old, I was getting dressed up and turning heads at school," says Neon Tress' frontman Tyler Glenn. "I don't think fabric has a sex and I don't know why we have that mentality. I like to have an androgynous, masculine vibe. I don't mind wearing women's blouses if they fit well."
On April 17th the group released their much anticipated sophomore album "Picture Show," an apt title considering their Rocky-Horror-marries-glam style. The group finds garments that speak to their style without inhibiting movement. Drummer Elaine Bradley explains, "My trick is to find things that are cool and expressive, without hindering my ability to flail all of my limbs simultaneously."
Other notable features of the band's style are John Fluevog shoes, Moods of Norway tops, All Saints clothing (worn by Bassist Branden Campbell) and the vital Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray appearing on their rider. Edgy hairstyles are additionally on full display in the group's music video "Everybody Talks" directed by Paul Boyd.
Photography by Gabriela Herman
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Neon Trees talk style


Neon Tree's Style Details


Neon Trees' Travel Essentials

1. Elaine's Steve Madden Leopard Shoes
2. Elaine's Sunglasses
3. Elaine's Baby Lips + Mascara
4. Tyler's Vintage John Fluevog Shoes
5. Vintage Sunnies
6. Necessary Hair Spray
7. Nike Bag
8. Red Hourani Bag
It's a tote and a garment bag in one.
9. Vintage Leather Jacket
The jacket was hand painted by Tyler.
10. Brandon's Headphones and iPad
Beats by Dre plugged into the iRig Amplitube app on the iPad. It allows me to plug my bass into my iPad and play along to any song in my library. Great for practicing.
11. Brooches
The skull and turquoise crustacean are from Top Shop. Others are from various curiosity shops and vintage stores across U.S.