'Glee' to Get Fashion Help From Vogue's Anna Wintour

ea Michele and Anna Wintour attend Fashion's Night Out at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Anna Wintour is the latest celebrity to be inducted into the Glee club. The raining queen of Vogue will be giving her fashion expertise to Sarah Jessica Parker (who will be a recurring character on the upcoming season playing a Vogue editor).

"Glee" showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed to his Twitter followers this week: "Guess who's helping us with Sarah Jessica Parker's costumes on GLEE? The amazing Anna Wintour!"

Sarah Jessica Parker will "be running Vogue.com" as part of her role on the series's next season, and described her character as "frazzled, eccentric, [and] hilarious," reports AccessHollywood.com.

I'm picturing Prada and Manolo's galore! We must admit we are looking forward to see Anna's stylistic vision take to the screen.