MNDR: Style Council

MNDR: Style Council

"It's not really that different from when I was a teenager," says Amanda Warner, front-woman of MNDR, concerning her style. "I've always been a tomboy, so I don't really worry about hair, makeup and those things."
Touting a wardrobe consisting of costume pieces, motorcycle leather, vintage glam and S&M gear, isn't the easiest combination to pull off - but Amanda isn't worried about perception. "Your style should be street to stage. Last night I wore an Insane Clown Posse T-Shirt and some hot pants and stockings. I just sort of wear whatever I like."
Photography by Rachel Been
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MNDR talks style


MNDR'S Travel Essentials

1. Blue Vintage Jacket
I got this in Brooklyn at my friend Mary Meyer's store. I've been wearing satin bombers for 10 years straight. I have like 8 or 9 of them. Now it just smells bad because I wear it every day.
2. Harley Davidson Bra
I used to live in Oakland. In the seventies there was this great Hell's Angels motorcycle magazine called "Easy Rider" - they'd always have really hot motorcycle mamas. It would always be them in panties and a leather jacket. I love crappy Harley Davidson clothes.
3. Xerox Punk Jeggings
These pants are Halloween pants. They are just a Xeroxed print. It's really post modern. These are the punk rock ones - you can get Grunge and Hippy, I have them all.
4. Walmart Shirt
5. Gold Lame Blouse
6. Cyber Punk Jacket
My friend Haley and I were looking at stuff on eBay. I think we went to a store called Cyber Punk - she was like, "You should get that jacket." So I did. When it came in the mail it literally looked like a Muppet with fur. It's kind of a high maintenance jacket. It gets Muppet fur on everything.
7. Motorcyle Flame Jacket
$10 eBay motorcycle jacket, brand new because nobody wanted it. I wanted it.
8. Red Leather Shorts
They are Ralph Lauren, vintage 80's.
9. Polka Dot Blouse
10. Pleather and Leopard Print Bras
11. Christian Lacroix Pants
12. S&M Bra
This we used in the "Number One in Heaven" video. It's a sexy harness that I wore over a crappy T-shirt, otherwise it would be very revealing.