Fashion's Night Out: Justin Bieber, Estelle, Vanessa Hudgens Hit Up NYC

Justin Bieber, Pattie Mallette and Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour attend the Dolce & Gabbana celebration during Fashion's Night Out at Dolce & Gabbana Boutique.

The third annual global shopping craze, also known as Fashion's Night Out, commenced Thursday night (Sept. 8) as designers and musicians converged to show their love of music and fashion. One-thousand retailers in New York City participated in the enormous fashion party. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Sarah Jessica Parker, who was signing Manolo Blanik heels, to Samantha Ronson and Estelle came together in the name of fashion. Becoming one of the most important evenings in style and sound, designers and musicians collaborated to provide supreme entertainment (and eye candy) for all. Here are 12 things seen and heard at Fashion's Night Out.


Tommy Hilfiger, Joss Stone, Samantha Ronson, and designer Rachel Roy Flood Macy's

DJs, designers, and fashion Oh my! With double the DJ's and designers of most shops, Macy's certainly attracted crowds by the masses. DJ Samantha revealed her art at the turntables, while Rachel Roy exhibited her latest fashions for fall. Tommy and Joss hung around the Hilfiger section as she mixed beats from her latest album. So how did Tommy pair up with Joss: "She just came out with a new album, LP1, which I think is great," he mused to us at Macy's. "We are opening up a new store in London on Brompton Road and there was a natural synergy to the Fashion's Night Out partnership with Joss being British."

Joe Jonas, Lea Michele and Ne-Yo Take Over Sak's
Joe Jonas lit up the stage as he performed for a crowd of screaming admirers last night at Sak's Fifth Avenue. Joe was joined by talented menswear designer Simon Spurr, who will be showing his Spring 2012 collection this Sunday. A more rambunctious crowd waited to take in Ne-Yo who arrived over 30 minutes late for his appearance. However, all was forgotten about when the flashy singer entered the room and launched his hat collection at the department store. "Glee" superstar Lea Michele posed for photos with fans.

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Warby Parker Celebrates Buddy Holly
Warby Parker celebrated everything Buddy Holly last night with the "Thatcher" collection and a gigantic birthday cake for the would-be 75-year-old "Oh Boy" singer. Records of "Rave On Buddy Holly" decorated and twinkled on the store counters. We miss you, Buddy!

Tanlines and MNDR Perform at Theory
Theory was transformed for FNO as a marvelous venue for music with black brick walls erected behind the stage, adorned with the artists name posted in bright yellow vinyl. As the Tanlines performed, fiercely dressed guests mingled and were served a fruity cocktail complete with grass blades popping out. After the performance we asked Jesse Cohen of Tanlines about the relationship between fashion and music: "I think fashion follows music. Music leads." Later MNDR, clad in a black topshop dress took to the stage to perform, after taking a quick swing on the side. When asked what she was doing later in that night, Amanda responded with a raspy voice saying "I've been up for 40 hours so Im going to go to bed tonight. But I'm DJing more parties later on in the week and going on a European tour."