Fashion Week: Farm Fantasy Looks For Spring & Kevin Jonas Watches Anna Sui's Diva Dance Party

Fashion Week: Farm Fantasy Looks For Spring & Kevin Jonas Watches Anna Sui's Diva Dance Party

The final days of fashion week are upon us. Designers are still going strong, exhibiting some of the most bizarre and regal creations of the week. From Jeremy Scott's farm fantasy looks to Douglas Hannant's glamour of Shanghai in the 1930s, Spring will blossom as a time of escapism and play, as fashion aims to transport its wearers to a land of make-believe. As the cold winter months melt away designers have provided the perfect attire to assist in spring transformation and reinvention. What will your spring fantasy be?

PHOTOS: Front Row at New York Fashion Week 2012

Jeremy Scott Spring 2012

VIBE: What do you get when you mix cactus print, red leather fringe, crotch-patched black and white spotted chaps and Kanye West? Jeremy Scott's Spring 2012 collection. Famous for dressing superstars including Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West, Scott's designs are infused with a pop-culture sparkle. A world of fantasy, farm life and Hollywood glamour, Scott's inspiration for spring stems from his childhood, growing up on a farm outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Scott took simple farm gear over the top and sprinkled it with the Hollywood glamour found on reality TV. "I was thinking about the farm life and this gorgeous hillbilly girl who doesn't know she's sexy and doesn't know she has this outrageous figure, but she's hiding under a potato sack," Scott mused on the flamboyance of his collection.

HOT ITEM: Kat Graham seated front row in a fabulous mesh lightning bolt velour Jeremy Scott dress.

DESIGNER SOUND: 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' Mötley Crüe and 'Queen of Hearts,' Juice Newton.


Anna Sui Spring 2012

VIBE: A party of punk, 1940s glamour and 1970s disco desire exploded onto the catwalk at Anna Sui's Spring 2012 show. Fitted dresses, patchwork patterns, and twinkling spectator heels created a new age disco diva look that is begging to be taken out to the clubs. The look infused the glamour of Greta Garbo with the gilded drama and sauce of Foxy Brown. "I'm not trying to fit in with what's going on," Sui explained at the show. Sofia Coppola, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Kevin Jonas supported friend, Sui, as they watched from the front row.

HOT ITEM: A glistening detailed black lace and cutout jumpsuit sparkled with a biting glamour.

DESIGNER SOUND: A booming party mix of Seventies sounds.


Douglas Hannant Spring 2012

VIBE: A room at the Plaza was transformed into a 1930s Chinese lounge. Drawing inspiration from the drama and escapism of Shanghai back then, Douglas Hannant created a glamorous and tumultuous tale of romance for Spring 2012. Blue painterly pleated dresses and Lavender jacquard gowns were dripping with imperial charm. The soundtrack brilliantly accentuated the majestic collection. I chatted with the DJ Xavior Azua after the show to get the exclusive playlist. "Doug had asked me to research some 1920s inspired Shanghai chic club music... so I pretty much started with that in mind and went from there," Azua mused. Check out the playlist below.

PHOTOS: Front Row at New York Fashion Week 2012

HOT ITEM: A sand colored jersey gown with an embroidered pearl bodice enticed onlookers with its supreme pomp infused style.

'Nightlife in Shanghai,' Zhou Xuan
'Farewell Sasha,' Bai Hong
'I Want To Be Evil,' (live Kaskad 1962), Eartha Kitt
'Whatever Lola Wants,' (Gotan Project Remix)
'Where Is My Man,' (club remix 2007) Eartha Kitt
'Edge of Glory,' (Michael Wills/Justin Sane remix), Lady Gaga


Yigal Azrouel Men's Spring 2012

VIBE: Redefining utility, Yigal has fashioned a sporty fresh look for spring. Rich in lightweight fabrics, tough leather, and summer sweaters, the collection blends a variety of materials creating a sophisticated spring sensibility. I caught up with Yigal backstage before the show to chat music and fashion. "Designing for men is always fun, a bit more relaxed and less uptight the women's," He explained to me after saying how this was his last show and he is excites to go out and celebrate with friends later.

What was he thinking in terms of music?

"I wanted to create a minimal sound and a cold mood and feeling. I love the sounds of techno electric music with a strong energy since its 3 in the afternoon we have to keep the energy up."

What's your favorite band?
"Hard Copy right now."

HOT ITEM: The Yigal collaboration with Frye boots in the collection will be the spring boot of 2012. A pair of electric purple lace up boots with white soles offered a fresh take on utilitarian grunge.

DESIGNER SOUND: "Indigo," Azari & Ill