Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Seduces, Leona Lewis Performs & Yoko Ono Does Her Thing

Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Seduces, Leona Lewis Performs & Yoko Ono Does Her Thing

The week of fashion, sparkle and diets of champagne and coffee has come to a close. As temperatures plummeted yesterday, the spring fashionistas fled the big, cold city in hopes of a warmer location for the upcoming fashion weeks. Some of the most anticipated shows of the season took to the catwalk yesterday (Sept. 15) as Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein revealed their Spring 2012 visions. From Jacobs' theatrical silicone ideas to Calvin's exquisite feminine delicacy, the week ended on a sweet and spicy note.

PHOTOS: Front Row at New York Fashion Week 2012

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

VIBE: Fashion darling, Marc Jacobs, revealed a utilitarian line crafted from futuristic materials with an old world silhouette. A mix of a twenties flapper aesthetic with a sixties mod mood, and futuristic fabrics, Jacobs spring line creates a deco-style allure. The collection was rich in fringe, colored sequins, and plastic details. While there were many standout pieces, the "D" word couldn't help but be whimpered about around the studio. Will the designer be taking the $10 million a year plus contract at Christian Dior previously held by John Galliano?

HOT ITEM: A cellophane dress packed with razzle dazzle created a modern sex appeal.

DESIGNER SOUND: "Einstein On The Beach," Philip Glass


ThreeASFOUR Spring 2012

VIBE: ThreeASFOUR's bizarre and ethnic aesthetic is a result of putting an Israeli, a Lebanese, and a Russian together in one room and telling them to design. All from different backgrounds, ThreeASFOUR's spring collective is a delicious blend of porcelain whites, sinister backs, and gyrating pattern and texture. A playground of black and white patterns the collection created a raw tempo of its very own, binding these diverse cultures together. Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono clad in ThreeASFOUR's signature black and white looks added sparkle to the front row.

HOT ITEM: Yoko Ono in a delicate black and white ThreeASFOUR shell printed jacket.

(Ono Photo: Getty Images)


Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2012

VIBE: With the gorgeous model/muse Lara Stone, Uma Thurman, and Naomi Watts, in the front row, Calvin revealed his delicate clean lined spring collection. Nude pieces ran rampant on the runway in the form of silk dresses, sheer fabrics and sharp tailored jackets. Lingerie inspired items added a sweet and delicate air of seduction to the collection.

HOT ITEM: A blended silk and translucent chiffon nude gown created the ultimate in delicate femininity.

DESIGNER SOUND: A series of chiming bells blended with an ethereal sound.


Made In Africa By Arise Magazine

VIBE: Seven of Africa's most inventive fashion designers took the stage at Lincoln center yesterday and flexed their creative muscle. The Made In Africa show allowed these designers to bring awareness not only to Africa but to their young talent in the design world. Everything from 1940s inspired British couture, to hounds tooth, tartan and animal prints matched down the runway. The show ended with a bang as platinum-selling singer Leona Lewis performed, in a glittering pink top, followed by an after party with R. Kelly.

HOT ITEM: A suede laser cut sweater with a shark's jaw biting its way out of the chest.

The curtain may have closed on New York Fashion Week but the fashion carousel now spins on to London.