Hooked: Vogue Editor Auditions for 'X Factor' & Gaga Wears Sweatpants

Hooked: Vogue Editor Auditions for 'X Factor' & Gaga Wears Sweatpants

Time to get Hooked, our bite sized roundup of fashion-drenched music news.

What's in Gaga's Bag?

Gaga has recently opened up her bag for PEOPLE magazine and revealed the contents inside. "I borrowed my friend's the other day, and when she got it back, it had a red Ruby Woo lipstick, fake fingernails, a light-up unicorn and perfume," she mused. "And she said, 'Only you would leave that!' I don't now about you, but I also never leave home without my light-up unicorn.

Later in the interview the 'Born This Way' singer reveled her style icon growing up was "Cher"; and the thing that she wears that might shock us most is "sweatpants."

Vogue Editor Auditions For X Factor:

Editor-at-large Hamish Bowles, auditioned for "The X Factor" this season, as part of an assignment from Anna Wintour. "I had to read the e-mail from the editor-in-chief several times to be quite sure," writes Bowles in the October issue off Vogue. Not only did Anna make Bowles audition, but she had him sing a ballad that truly allowed him to flash his vocal talents, Miss Britney Spears' "Oops! … I Did It Again". "You can sing," Anna wrote to Bowles, 'This will be easy for you.'

The ultimate judge, Simon, weighed in on the editor's performance saying: "He's a star! I thought your singing was going to be absolutely terrible, but it was really good. The comedic timing was genius. I thought you must be a professional comedian. What I was thinking was, 'Great, our first Brit, so excited,'" says Simon. "And then you were rubbish. Not to be rude!'"

Stella McCartney Costumes Her Father's Ballet:

Sir Paul McCartney's ballet, "Ocean's Kingdom," premiered at New York City's Lincoln Center last week to generally mixed reviews. Part of a partnership with New York Ballet extraordinaire Peter Martins, the collaboration marked McCartney's first classical music endeavor.

The evening also glowed with importance for his daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, who deigned the costumes for the new piece. The designer recently opened up about the project in an interview with Newsweek saying: "I do performance wear [for Adidas], and these dancers are athletes, so I have an understanding of that. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have to use stretch materials if you're working with ballerinas."

McCartney will continue to flash her design talent as she exhibits her spring 2012 collection on October 3rd in Paris.