Paris Fashion Week Roundup

Paris Fashion Week Roundup

The sun has set on Spring/Summer 2012 fashion weeks. Luxury and art was abound during this week of fashion in Paris and blossomed in the most decadent and pomp infused ways. Where else would you come across an all white carousel spinning with Louis Vuitton models? Here is our bite sized round up and reviews of the top shows of the week and my picks for who should be wearing the sparkling collections.

Christian Dior

VIBE: With temporary designer Bill Gaytten at the helm, the Spring '12 collection was more subtle then under Galliano's flamboyant rule. With Gaytten orchestrating the brand until a new emperor takes over, there seemed to be a veil of uncertainty drawn over the organza-rich line, but was none-the-less elegant and whimsical.

HOT ITEM: The Grace Kelly dress with the wrapped bodice recalled all the glamour of old world Hollywood with seamless and profound construction.

WORN BY: Florence Welch, Beyonce


VIBE: A flawless parade of lace, flowers and embroideries, the Valentino collection revealed what grown up women would wear if they had frilly, whimsical tea parties. Prim and proper, the collection calls to mind Eartha Kitt's "I Want To Be Evil" medley, one line in particular, "The closest I've been to a bar was at Ballet class." This certainly proves true for the dainty and precious ladies of Valentino Spring '12.

HOT ITEM: A nude hand-painted floral dress with velvet flower appliqués and puffed-out shoulders captured both the beauty of women, and the playfulness of a child.

WORN BY: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry

Comme des Garçons

VIBE: Designer Rei Kawakubo created a ghostly and ceremonial look for spring. Made up of mostly stark and jarring white ensembles, the collection features wedding dresses fit for the corps bride. A romantic and yet valiant ritualistic tale, the line tells the tale of a tragic bride who comes back from the dead to haunt her groom, in hot couture of course.

HOT ITEM: A cryptic yet striking white flower drenched cape.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga

Alexander McQueen

VIBE: Much like Chanel, Sarah Burton, head designer of McQueen, sought inspiration from under the blue world of the sea. However, unlike Chanel's enchanting line, Burton revealed a darker side to water life, infected with barnacles and stained with oil. As models ungulated down the runway covered in fragile ruffles and lace, they seemed to recall a jellyfish bobbing in the surf. The emotional and painstakingly detailed collection sparkled with the same entrancing luster as mystifying mermaids of the sea who lured sailors to there watery grave.

HOT ITEM: A sinister black leather appliqué and lace dress shines with the same sheen as oil spilling into and poisoning the ocean.

WORN BY: I would die to see Madonna in one of these looks. This is how the Queen of pop should dress to reclaim her throne!

Louis Vuitton

VIBE: A fantastic subversive fairytale land spun out of control at the Louis Vuitton Spring '12 show. Designer Marc Jacobs' constructed an enormous white carousel filled with models and modern edgy spring looks. The cheeky collection featured chilly pastel colors, motorcycle jackets, and, my personal favorite, laser-cut lace skirts veiled in silk cellophane.

HOT ITEM: A yellow and white laser-cut appliqué jacket dress displayed the fragile workmanship of the brand and Jacobs' commitment to excellence. This will surely be the jacket of spring.

WORN BY: Adele, Gwen Stefani