Meet Rebelle, Rihanna's New Fragrance

Meet Rebelle, Rihanna's New Fragrance

Meet Rebelle, Rihanna's New Fragrance

Are you a Reb'l or a Fleur? This is the question Rihanna's first fragrance asked shoppers. Continuing her winning streak, Rih Rih is launching a sequel, titled Rebelle. The first of two perfumes that will explore the singer's duality, Rebelle, which the star's grandmother used to call the young singer, explores Rihanna's mysterious and sensual side. "Wore the sample last night," the pop star tweeted back in May, "And all the fly girls wanted some."

Fly girls get ready, this fragrance promises to entice and entrance all who get within smelling distance with its raw and edgy scent. "My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There's a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance -- but there's also a defiant quality in it," Rihanna explains in lit for the product, "I love its duality."

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The marketing campaign will aim to capture both her dramatic and daring side while not sacrificing the singer's innate vulnerability. Shot by renowned music video director, Anthony Mandler, one ad you'll surely see is meant to empower not only women but men as well.

Encased in the same bottle-type as her first fragrance -- and inspired by the shape of a stiletto heel -- Rebelle is distinguished with a twisting crimson "ribbon" design, highlighting the spicy notes of the scent, and a glowing gold layered incasing, that speaks to the sweet side of the fragrance. There's that duality again.

So what does this new scent actually smell like? Here goes: Somewhat exotic and musky, the notes include coffee beans, amber and a hint of vanilla. Am I smelling the soon to be hot scent of Spring? Fly gilrs what do you think?

Rebelle by Rihanna hits department stores in Spring 2012. Will you be exploring your duality with the help of Rih Rih?