Artie, Is That You? Kevin McHale Ditches Sweater Vests Off 'Glee' Set

Artie, Is That You? Kevin McHale Ditches Sweater Vests Off 'Glee' Set

Artie, Is That You? Kevin McHale Ditches Sweater Vests Off 'Glee' Set

Most Stylish 'Glee' Guy Talks Irony, Kanye and (Possible) Future in Fashion

While Kurt Hummel might be the fashionista character on "Glee," off-camera it's Kevin McHale who holds the unofficial title of most stylish Gleek guy.

"I think maybe it's because I come from more of a music background," McHale told, referring to his previous stint as a member of the boy band NLT. "I really love when music artists like Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson wear outrageous things. Obviously If I wore something like that I'd look like an idiot, but I really respect fashion."

But fashion is a sharp departure from McHale's character on "Glee." The height of fashion for nerdy Artie is a new sweater vest, and the disconnect between character and actor sometimes leaves his co-stars scratching their heads.

"At first for all the cast it was weird for them to see me in my normal clothes, and now it's weird for them to see me in my Artie clothes because I dress so different in real life, " he joked. "I do care the most about clothes, and Artie of all the characters cares the least."

Kevin McHale On Glee's Direction & His Future Music Plans

The entire cast took a turn for the high end this fall as spokespeople for Fashion's Night Out, a global event celebrating fashion and shopping. The group made a music video covering David Bowie's "Fashion" that showcased them strutting on the runway and posing in designer duds. While most of the other male cast members wore traditional suits, McHale stood out in non-traditional layers and cuts, the kind of boldness he goes for in his personal style.

"I really respect certain brands, mixing and matching and having your own look regardless," McHale said. "Having a bold look. I've been trying to kind of work my way into that in figuring out how I like to dress and taking chances. I guess I don't care as much if people think I look crazy. I'm willing got put myself out there and hopefully get a good response."

While McHale says he wasn't always fashion-minded, after seeing other artists cross over from music and TV to fashion, he's more inclined to take a stab at starting his own line or designing clothes in the future.

"Had you asked me that five years ago I would have thought, 'you're nuts.' But I think I would," McHale said. "It was cool seeing someone like Kanye debut his line in Paris. Someone who kind of quietly went into Gap and interned at these different labels and didn't make a big deal of it because he really enjoyed it and has a passion for it. That's how I'm approaching it. Lou, our head costume designer on set, she has the best style and has kind of been Mama Fashion to me. I definitely think I could see myself going down that road a bit."

Until then, McHale will continue to rock the sweater vests on screen and his haute couture off.


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