Get the Halloween Look: Rihanna, Nicki, LMFAO & More

Get the Look for Halloween

Look no further than pop music's biggest stars for costume inspiration this Halloween.


Boys will be boys, and there's no better dudebroparty look than the Gordy guys of LMFAO. This is a particularly great costume idea for those fellas who sometimes find it difficult to dress up.

What You'll Need: Huge Afro Wig, Party Rock T-Shirt, White Leopard Jeggings,


Feeling frisky and/or celebrating in a warm climate? If there was a "yes" in there, then this salacious performance-look by Rihanna is perfect for you. Snatch a fiery red wig, rainbow bikini and some neon heels and get ready for an evening of mischief.

What You'll Need: Sequin Bra, Hoop Earrings, Neon Heels, Red Wig, Rainbow Colored Bikini



Ke$ha kept herself busy this year, fashion-wise, but this look is begging (screaming!) to be replicated on Halloween. Complete with skeletons, light up shades, and an endless supply of glitter, what more can one want out of a costume?

What You'll Need: Skeleton Bodysuit, Multicolor Sunglasses,


Glow this Halloween with a fresh look from mom-to-be Beyonce. This retro look is hot off of her VMAs "Love On Top" performance and is perfect for any formal or work-related gathering. Perhaps you could even ad a prosthetic belly to the look?

What You'll Need: Sequined Jacket/Blazer, Tapered Trouser, White Top, Makeup