Heidi Klum, Skinned Corpse, Talks Halloween & 'Classic' Gwen Stefani

Heidi Klum, Skinned Corpse, Talks Halloween & 'Classic' Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum revealed just how diverse Halloween can be with two very different costumes over the holiday weekend. While Gwen opted to create a fairytale in a Cinderella gown, Heidi donned a dark look fitting for the spookiest graveyard. On Saturday, Klum celebrated all things fright with her 12th Annual Halloween party in Las Vegas at the TAO Nightclub in the Venetian Hotel. The fun and funky ?uestlove of The Roots got into the spirit as special guest deejay, wearing "the guy in the generic tee" costume.

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Arriving to the event on an autopsy table, the "Project Runway" star was covered with a white cloth, leaving all wondering what lied beneath? As the cloth was removed a somewhat bare version of the Heidi we all know was revealed. The German beauty proved that skin is so last season as she looked horrifyingly chic dressed as a skinned corpse. After making her way off the table and down the red carpet we caught up with Ms. Klum about Halloween, fashion and her pick for most stylish artist in music.

What was your inspiration this year?

This year I wanted to be a dead person and have all of my skin ripped off. It's basically like me naked. Except I don't feel naked because its so colorful.

How long did this fantastically morbid costume take to create?

We started work on the costume in July when I was in New York. I told Martin Izquierdo (who designed the Victoria Secret runway wings) what I wanted to be then he started sketching and developed a bodysuit that was first all white then was hand painted many different layers. He worked from photos of the human body and put the veins and muscles all where they would really be. It took a few weeks for him to paint this."

What are you listening to right now? What's your favorite music?

My husband, of course. Also, I do love Radiohead… their latest album is amazing!

Who do you think has the greatest style in music?

Hmm. That's difficult. Gwen Stefani, yes, Gwen is great. She is classic with a twist, I love her super bleached hair and red lips. She has a great look and great eyebrows and makeup, and she's a great girl. Yea I like Gwen!"

What an interesting pick since Gwen went in a very different direction for Halloween. Hot off the November InStyle cover, the No Doubt beauty emerged as Cinderella at Kate Hudson's Halloween party. The singer was transformed into a Disney princess with a powder-blue gown, white gloves and twinkling tiara.

Gwen was joined with other guests that included Nicole Richie, who dressed up as Jenifer Lopez (Jenny from the block days), Emma Roberts (as a Playboy bunny), Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Jarod Einsohn (as Brad and Angelina) and Chaz Bono.

The stunning 42-year-old mom accessorized the dress with beaded necklaces, black neckband and feathered handbag. Perhaps there were even glass shoes under that billowing blue gown.