Prince & Nicki Minaj Rock the Versace For H&M Fashion Show: Video

Prince & Nicki Minaj Rock the Versace For H&M Fashion Show: Video

Nicki Minaj and Prince lit up the stage last night at Pier 57 in NYC for the H&M and Versace runway. The eccentric pair took turns performing in front of Versace's most glittering super-fans including Blake Lively, Uma Thurman, Ke$ha, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Alba.

"To have my friend, the great, the amazing, the one and only Prince, and the extraordinary Nicki Minaj both perform at the event, will create exactly the feeling of joy and glamour I want this partnership to express," Donatella Versace told WWD.

Prince wore a dapper black suit paired with a vintage Versace shirt during the show then turned up the heat at the after party where he lit up the stage in an enticingly low cut red shirt and matching trousers. The legendary singer rocked hot black shades throughout the evening, adding a punch of glamour to his already glittering looks. Prince sang his classic hits for the celebration including "Purple Rain."

Nicki and Ke$ha went in a more playful direction. Ke$ha purred in a leopard-print Versace jumpsuit as she met Nicki Minaj before the show, while Nicki chose to capture the jungle itself, as she rocked a Versace look that mixed jewels, color, and leaves, that she completed with a green afro wig and hot pink peep toe pumps.

So, what do we think of the actual H&M and Versace collection?

Donatella's limited-edition H&M collection included a fierce metallic disco dress, a studded leather bomber jacket and a tropical breezy dress for women; and a fiery hot-pink suit for men. The collection seems to be designed for an edgy and urban biker chick that escapes the stress of the city by secretly running away to South Beach on the weekends.

Now that the collection has finally been revealed, who does the Versace Queen want to see wearing it? "Of course, I love Lady Gaga," Versace told WWD, "and Nicki Minaj. They're not afraid to dare. It's been a while since someone went out there and didn't listen too much to the marketing people. You still have to listen to them but not 100 per cent."

The very-blonde haired designer added "It was the perfect evening, so glamorous and special." The glitzy collection hits H&M shops on Nov. 17.

Who do you want to see rocking the new line?