Kanye West Moving to London for Fashion Career?

Kanye West Moving to London for Fashion Career?

K anye West is not the kind of guy to walk away from a less-than-successful endeavor. Back in September, the rapper debuted his fashion label, DW, to mixed reviews, despite attracting fawning celebrity well-wishers including Lindsay Lohan, Anna Dello Russo and the Olsen sisters. Since his bruising fashion week, West has focused more on music -- Watch the Throne -- rather than fashion, leaving many to question whether he's soured on the endeavor.

However, The Sun reports that Kanye had a holiday bash for his label in London the week before Christmas and passed on a bit of interesting information. A source told the UK tabloid that while conversing with guests at the party, the rapper said he "went home for the holidays but was proclaiming that he is now based in the capital and would return in early January."

The source added, "He's close to the lecturers and students at the Central Saint Martins College and being in London means he can stop by for advice any time."

This possible relocation does not come as a surprise. Kanye is dead set on being taken seriously as a designer and a move to London wouldn't be out of the question. Not to mention, he also has quite the romantic love affair with traveling having spent the last several years exploring Hawaii, New York, Rome, and Japan.

While across the pound the singer will be preparing his latest Paris Fashion Week show, to walk in March. He has also been in search of the perfect studio.