Chris Brown’s 'Fine China' Vintage Makeover: The Singer Cleans Up Well in New Video

Chris Brown - "Fine China"

The R&B star goes retro-chic in the video for his new single "Fine China."

Chris Brown has been undergoing a vintage fashion makeover. From his retro all-white suit at the Grammy Awards in February to, most recently, his classic Michael Jackson-esque ensemble in his "Fine China" music video, the bad boy of R&B is definitely sprucing up more than his manners.

This morning Brown unveiled the music video for his new song “Fine China,” the lead single from his forthcoming studio album, “X.” Co-directed by Sylvain White, the video tells a Romeo and Juliet-like forbidden love story between brown and a gorgeous gal.  

“In this video, you’ll see me taking care of the girl, doing gentlemanly things—showing another side of me. I know my female audience sees it. But the naysayers might say, ‘No, that’s not him,’” the singer told Billboard recently. His new gentlemanly attitude matched his retro and debonair style in the video.

Chris Brown's "X" Q&A with Billboard

The sleek homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson —“#tributetoMJ” as tweeted by Chris—spotlights Brown’s sleek and smooth panache. A bit less R&B and more jazzy, Chris’ new vintage sound is echoed in his style choices. 

While cruising around exotic CGI-assisted surroundings in a red Lamborghini, Brown sports a dapper look. A Cor Sine Labe Doli metallic gold bow tie, a black leather jacket, suspenders, a driving cap, pale grey gloves and white kicks make up the flashy yet urban-infused ensemble. Brown loved the classic look so much that he rocked it through the entire six-minute video.

Brown briefly introduces one other MJ-inspired look halfway through the video that lacked the sparkle of the first: a dark urban look made up of a checkered grey fedora, black slacks, button up shirt and a matching leather jacket.  We love the spruce and tidy look on Brown, specifically that vibrant gold bow tie. It’s a modern way to channel the King of Pop.

What do you think of Brown’s retro and flashy new look?