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Justin Bieber's 5 Hot London Looks

The Biebs didn't have an ideal time in London last week. But he looked good in spite of the craziness.

Justin Bieber had a rough week in London. Though he tweeted that he had the worst birthday ever, arrived over two hours late to his concert, collapsed onstage and shopped in a gas mask (perhaps the strangest occurrence of the preceding events), the Biebs kept it interesting with eccentric fashions through it all. Here are our five favorite looks from the singer’s turbulent trip to London.

Master Of Disguise

Justin took to the streets of London wearing a black gasmask as he went shopping at ACNE. He polished off his Darth Vader look with a black leather jacket, leather pants and patent leather dress shoes. Finally, I know what shoes to wear with my gasmask!

Ferociously Feline

The Biebs sported leopard in London. On Feb. 27 Justin stepped out in a gold spiked yellow hat, black sweatshirt and saggy leopard-print pants. Perhaps this dingy style don’t was a hint of the chaotic week ahead.

He Wore Blue Leather

The next day (Thursday, Feb. 28) following a concert in Birmingham, England Bieber stepped out shirtless. The 19-year-old singer completed his salacious look with cool blue leather sweatpants worn low enough to see his white underwear and matching white sneakers. Trend alert: matching your bloomers with your shoes is so in right now. The “Boyfriend” singer took to Twitter to explain his shirtless look: "I came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours I might be sweaty."

Boxers or Briefs?

Bieber collapsed onstage during a performance on Thursday, March 7. He later took to Instagram to reveal a shirtless picture in nothing but white undies and headphones. Two questions came to mind looking at this image: What was he listening to, which was answered by the caption reading: "Recovering listening to Janis Joplin.” The second question is still a mystery: Boxers or briefs?

50 Shades of Red

Last Friday (March 8) Bieber got aggressive in red. He yelled words not so suitable for his teen fans at an overzealous paparazzo that was antagonizing him. Aside from the tantrum, we love the ‘90s MC Hammer-like red look, perfectly punctuated with a 1994-printed hat.