The Blonds Debut Horror-Worthy Line at 2013 Fall New York Fashion Week Show: Watch Here

The designing pair splattered some horror film-inspired accents to their clothes and Billboard was there to capture them on film.

Fashion Week is known to be a glamorous affair. But designer duo The Blonds didn’t mind splashing their sexy line with a little blood and gore.

When Phillipe Blond woke up on Tuesday morning (Feb. 12) hours before their fall 2013 show, he played music from an artist that wasn’t scared to get his hands dirty.

“The Notorious B.I.G.,” Phil mentioned when Billboard asked of his prep playlist. As for what mood the two wanted when show time arrived, David Blonde explained that they were going for some menacing sounds.

“[We want it to be] tight and mysterious and evoke the feeling of a Stanley Kubrick films and Hitchcock,” David said.

Their line fit the bill. A nude-colored dress with red zippers, made to look like viscous gashes was one of many horror items to make it on the runway. The Blonds have so famous fans.

“Every piece is so constructed and in such detail,” model and actress Carmen Electra said in a navy blue bejeweled dress from the designers.

“The Blonds always come with something so exquisite,” figure skater Johnny Weir complimented. Check out their show in the clip above.