Betsey Johnson's Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week Show: Watch the Zany Workout Party Here

Betsey Johnson's fall 2013 NYFW show was loud and athletic. Billboard was there to capture the bright sites and sounds.

While many designers have spent the better part of fall 2013 New York Fashion Week trying to be taken seriously by their peers, veteran designer Betsey Johnson has opted to go the fun route.

On Monday (Feb. 11) Johnson debuted a loud sporty line featuring bright tracksuits, fluffy tutus, leopard dresses and ankle booties amongst other noteworthy items.

“This isn’t exactly a fashion show,” Betsey said through laughter to Billboard, who attended the affair.

She wasn’t lying. “Pink and white-wigged models did more than just walk down the runway. They exercised on it, doing crunches and stretches.

“You mess with me, buddy…” Johnson teased while waving her pink boxing-gloved hand. The multipurpose accessory doubles as a handbag.

Betsey’s always been a rock and roll chick,” said stylist Ashley Parker. “From back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, whether it’s super punky or funky.” That too was true.

Johnson made her exit that night with her trademark cartwheel and split, blowing a kiss to the audience as Elton John’s 1974 classic “The Bitch is Back” blared. Give the video above a look to see it all.