Charlotte and Samantha Ronson Make a Retro NYFW Playlist with Billboard: Listen Here

Sam and Charlotte Ronson planning the playlist with Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.

Our fashion editor Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. sat down with the designer and DJ duo to put together a '60s-inspired playlist fit for Charlotte's runway.

Making a runway playlist is quite a painstaking, expressive process. This is what I learned while helping put together the playlist for Charlotte Ronson’s Fall 2013 presentation with DJ Samantha Ronson.

After working with Charlotte on our Behind the Seams segment I fell in love with her girlie-chic aesthetic and darling personality. Now I’ve joined forces with the designer again for 2013 fall New York Fashion Week, also pulling in her musically gifted twin sis’ Samantha. Coming from such a famous family lineage (producer Mark Ronson is their brother and they’re stepdaughters of Mick Jones of Foreigner fame), I was quite nervous to work with the two creative sitters. However, they immediately made me feel more than welcome to join their creative brainstorming session.   

The first step was to check out the fashion. “The collection was inspired by 1960’s England and the English countryside,” Charlotte explained. “There’s also a more suity feel than past lines and cool accents of leather.” Looking at the clothes, it was clear. Charlotte continued to show a fall collection drowned in moody feminine expression. Less girlie than past collections, Ronson’s fall line hit strides with pantsuits, fierce leather jackets, and mod-era floral mini dresses. She painted a portrait of 1960’s English femininity.

After looking at the collection it was time to talk music. “I think we should keep the majority of the playlist ‘60’s English singers and throw in some Amy Winehouse, of course,” Samantha explained. After further chatting about the inspiration we all began researching English artists from the 1960’s. “It is important to choose music that wasn’t the number one selling song of the day, but maybe the singer's third or fourth biggest hit. This way older music sounds fresh and new,” Samantha explained. 

“I love music, so this is fun for me,” Samantha continued. “Let’s get started. We’re going to have fun. Oh, Dusty Springfield would be perfect for this! Also Marianne Faithfull. She’s brilliant.  She should be the inspiration for this. Let’s have a listen.”

The room was more than pleased. “There’s also that gorgeous song 'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me' by Dusty that would be great and 'Lady Godiva' by Peter & Gordon,” I added. The process continued like this for quite some time and, before we knew it, Charlotte’s 1960’s-tinged playlist was taking form.  Check out our completed playlist below"