Patricia Field Shares Her 10 Musical Fashion Icons

Kate Glicksberg
Patricia Fields and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. photographed at her store in New York City.

The iconic fashion designer analyzes the style of Gaga, Timberlake and more

The Hook's Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. caught up with legendary designer Patricia Field during Fashion Week and got her to share her picks for the most fashionable icons in music today.

Field obviously has a keen eye for who has a good look in music, as she broke down her ten picks into two distinct categories: stage style and personal style. Her stage style picks favored outlandish divas, while her personal style picks touched on a wide variety of artists who work daring fashion into their everyday lives.

"Style is not clothes only," she told Billboard. "Clothing is part of style. And it's the person that has the style, not the clothes. It's their persona that they're carrying and that's really what's attractive. The clothing expresses the persona."