Native Run

Native Run

Sarah Barlow

Native Run  -- the duo of Rachel Beauregard and Bryan Dawley -- just wrapped up back-to-back tours with David Nail and Sam Hunt.

So what did they learn while out on the road? "I think the coolest difference for us was the learning process on both of the tours," Dawley said. "David has been out on the road for such a long time, and he has such a well-oiled machine out on the road. As a new artist, we learned a lot from him, like how to save your voice and how to be consistent every night."

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Dawley admitted the styles of Nail and Hunt are very different, which brought about a changing dynamic on stage. "The energy is so much different. You prepare so differently when you go out with an act like Sam and the sound that he has. Making sure that your energy is high every night, because you've got people that are lined up waiting to get in to see the show, and you don't want to let them down. You want to make sure you have what it takes to perform every night."

Beauregard said she felt like they learned from both experiences. "I feel like those shows taught us so much about our performance and being able to be flexible with different audiences. Sam's audiences were a little more consistent each night, so to speak. David's fans were all over the place in terms of age and style, which was interesting, where Sam's fans were usually the same but always energetic. But both were so much fun."

After tasting initial success with "Good On You," the duo are hard at work on their debut record. "We're at a really fun point right now," Dawley said. "We've had a bunch of material for about two years now, and we've lived with the songs for so long. What you learn is twofold: Number one, you learn the songs that last over time that you still want to keep playing on the road and you continue to write the entire time. You know what fits with the album. It's been a fun process writing, because we've got to add to the record and change things."

Beauregard said taking their time on the project has been a luxury. "We recorded a full-length album over a year ago produced by Luke Laird, and we released a three-song EP. But since then, I feel like we learned so much about the recording process that I felt it was a positive thing that we said, 'Let's hold back on releasing a full-length record, because now I feel when we do, we're going to have so much strength behind it -- not only in selecting the songs, but also how they translate on stage. We are about to go back into the studio with some of the new songs, and we're very excited to get back into the studio ASAP." is excited to share with you this exclusive look at life on the road with Native Run: