Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band

C. Taylor Crothers

Texas favorites the Josh Abbott Band have kicked off a new phase in their career with the release of Tuesday Night, their new EP for Atlantic Records.

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Produced by the award-winning team of Keith Stegall and Shane McAnally, the project is sure to increase their visibility and standing in the business with their freewheeling style and sound very much intact. Billboard is pleased to present an exclusive look at the band in concert performing "Hangin' Around" from the disc.

Abbott told Billboard that the track "is contextual; sometimes it's causal dating, sometimes it's the prelude to a relationship. It might even be the rekindling of one. Regardless, it's two people admitting, 'Hey, I'm bored and lonely so if you are too, come over and let's hang.' It's kind of a less attached version of 'Oh, Tonight.'"

The band's namesake says he feels the clip is very much demonstrative of what the band does live. "We always strive to maintain a contagious energy throughout a show. Whether that's the use of sing-alongs, nonverbal communication, moving around or buying shots for people, our goal is to make sure you leave tweeting, 'That was a hell of a show and night. Definitely seeing them again!'"

Of course, not everyone is going to leave a show happy. After all, the band has been together for nine years, and with that type of longevity, you simply can't perform them all. "When we structure the set list for a show, it's gotta start with a bang and end with a bang. We'll go blazing from the get-go with uptempo sing-alongs to get the vibe right and audience used to contributing; then we'll settle into a 'hit,' come right back with more upbeat stuff, then slow it down, build it back up and end on a big note. ... We'll adjust the song selections based on where we're playing, the length of the set and the type of audience. Dancehalls get 'Dallas Love' and 'Good Night for Dancing,' while music rooms will get an acoustic song; smaller towns will get 'Small Town Family Dream,' college towns get 'Taste' and 'Hotty Toddy' – unless, of course, we're playing in the non-Oxford SEC, of course," he says with a laugh.

Wherever those athletic allegiances lie, enjoy this look at the Josh Abbott Band with "Hangin' Around," live in concert: