SaraBeth Talks U.K. Country Fans, Next EP & Latest Single 'Nowhere With You'

Kristen Barlowe

Hearing your music on the radio for the first time is a monumental occasion. For rising country songstress SaraBeth, she recalls the moment vividly.

"I was on a radio tour in Janesville, Wis., and was riding in the city and turned on the radio looking for a country station. I was with my guitar player. I asked him, 'What am I supposed to do? Take a video of this?' I saw where Katy Perry had taken a video on her documentary. It was a very surreal moment," she told Billboard.

The singer admitted that she went through a lot of emotions in a rather quick manner. "I think you are kind of in shock for the first few minutes. Then you start to think, 'This is really cool.' It's one of those things that you can't really put into words. I never thought I would have a song played on the radio. You're just speechless."

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If her current single "Nowhere With You" is any indication, hearing herself on the airwaves is an experience she just might have to get used to. The track is leading the charge for Obsessive, her latest EP, which she says is a showcase for her energetic side. "I gave myself a birthday present, and released it on Aug. 5 -- two days before my birthday. I'm real proud of it. I wanted something edgier and with attitude. When you have a full band performance, you can really rock out. I think these tracks all have that little bit of rock in there, with a little bit of swagger."

The singer has been busy promoting her brand of music here as well as several dates in the U.K. How does she view the audience across the pond? "It's a mix. Everyone talks about the country scene, but it's more of an underground thing. There are more and more people going over there. I feel like they are the same as anywhere, except there might be a little more of the cowboy look. They seem to dress the part a little more."

When it comes to her influences, SaraBeth says she had a very diverse musical upbringing. "I was raised on country music and light rock, but also Christian music. I had a lot of different music coming at me, and I loved the Dixie Chicks. I also loved chamber and a cappella music, pop and hip-hop. If you looked at my recently played music, it would be all over the map -- but it's cool, because you get to bring all those elements into the music you write, so it makes it uniquely you."

In addition to her current single, she will also be releasing her version of "Silent Night" next Tuesday. All the song's net proceeds will benefit City of Hope, an organization she enjoys working with. "I got to play in their softball game at CMA Fest the past two years, and they've always been wonderful for me, so I love getting to give back to them. They do so many wonderful things for people."

Fans actually helped select "Silent Night" as the song she recorded through her website,

"I was having a tough time deciding on my favorite Christmas tune, so I figure the best people to ask are the people who listen to my music! I asked my fans to pick one of three songs that I had narrowed down." Fans made "Silent Night" their overwhelming choice, so she went into the studio to cut the song.

SaraBeth is currently working on a new EP, which she plans to have ready for the spring. "I hope to release it around baseball season and do a lot of tie-ins. I've done a lot of national anthems, so hopefully we'll get out and do more of that." Baseball is very important to her, as her younger brother Jordan is a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. "I hope my brother is healthy and will be ready for spring training. The St. Louis fans are amazing."

Performing the national anthem is something the Texas native has a lot of fond memories of. "My favorite moment was doing a Texans/Broncos game in 2013, and it was the last game of the season. George Bush Sr. was down on the field. It was a great feeling -- a lot different than doing a concert because you're honoring your country. It's an honor and blessing to just be asked to do it."