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Warning: Don't mess around with Gloriana's Rachel Reinert. On the trio's explosive new single "Trouble" -- which she co-wrote with fellow member Mike Gossin (as well as Ross Copperman and Jon Nite) and sings -- she gets a chance to express a little bit of angst concerning her feelings about a previous relationship.

"It comes from a very true and honest place," she told Billboard. "It's about a relationship that I was in. We were together for a couple of years, and he ended up being a dirty cheater and a liar. I ended up finding out about his escapades from a tabloid, which was awesome. It was the highlight of my year," she says, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "Women are like little detectives. If we feel like there's something going on, we'll figure it out. That was where the song came from."

Reinert said writing about past relationships comes easy. "You write about what you go through. Absolutely," she said. "That is the kind of shit you go through when you're young and dating. It's even that much more difficult when you're in the spotlight."

"Trouble" is the lead single from the trio's upcoming Emblem/Warner Bros. album -- the recording process for which was a little bit different, Tom Gossin said. "We recorded it in five different states. We have been so fortunate with our career path that we've never really had the time to slow down. We never really stop and make albums; we just kind of do them on the run. We were on tour, and we would take every little chunk of time when we weren't playing, we'd get into a studio. Here in Nashville, we were at Blackbird. Then we rented a house in Bozeman, Mont., and recorded in this garage. We recorded at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. We also cut at [producer] Matt Serletic's studio in Los Angeles, and it was mastered in New York. So it was a nationwide record," he quips, "but I think it all fell in place."

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Mike Gossin said he feels that the music on the album is very reflective of where the band was at both a personal and professional level during the recording. "We were writing songs at the time, talking about our lives at the moment. If you were going through something that week, it's always really cool to reflect back on that as if it's a time capsule."

The members were quite prolific during the writing process, said Tom Gossin. "We wrote about 100 songs for the record and picked our favorite 11. It was tough to choose, but everything fell into place. We're excited about the sound of this record. It's still got the vocal group/harmony thing we've always done, but we're definitely being a little more adventurous in the recording. You can really hear that in 'Trouble.'"

So how do they narrow down that many songs? "There's 10 different opinions that trickle down and filter through," said Reinert, adding, "Obviously, the three of us fight for the ones we believe in the most. That ends up taking the front seat on everything." Mike Gossin adds: "The whole record has to make sense as a whole. If you had 12 awesome uptempo songs, you might have to rethink it. The record has to tell a story from beginning to end -- ups and downs, slower and faster songs. It's very delicate and also complex for us. It takes a little time for us. I think that on this record, we thought more about it before we made it."

No release date has been announced for the album, which will be their third. Reinert said everything is contingent upon the success of "Trouble." Performing it live has been liberating so far, she said. "I feel free when I perform the song and tell people about. I love hearing the female reaction to it. Everyone has been through that kind of situation, but especially as a girl -- instead of sitting home and crying about what you've been through, your other choice is to not be miserable and take your power back. It's a female empowerment song."