Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Hal Ketchum's Comeback Single 'I'm The Troubadour'

Hal Ketchum, 2014
Pete Lacker

Hal Ketchum photographed in 2014 by Pete Lacker.

For a few years, Hal Ketchum lost his musical way. "I just kind of lost my powder for a while," the country singer tells Billboard. "I just didn't feel like playing or writing. One day I just said, 'This is a gift that God has given me, so I better get back to it.'"

Ketchum tells Billboard that I'm The Troubadour is also one of the most eclectic discs he's made during his career. "It's reminiscent of a record I made with Stephen Bruton years ago called Awaiting Redemption. It had some folk ballads, some R&B and some jazz. The studio musicians on the record made the songs what they are. I wrote the lyrics and the melodies, and turned it over to them. John Silva engineered and mixed the record, and did a great job."

The singer -- whose hits include "Small Town Saturday Night" and "I Know Where Love Lives" -- says it didn't take long to adjust to the studio, likening it to riding a bike. "I know what I'm doing in the studio. Allen Reynolds taught me to do my homework. I knew these songs when I got in and started tracking with the band. I enjoyed being in the studio again, and I'm back on the road. It's just a blessing to be back at this."

Listen above.