LiveWire is Scott Kwapiszeski, Andy Eutsler, Bobby DeGonia, Brad Allen and Cory Shultz

Flick Wiltshire

Today in The 615 spotlight, we bring you the world premiere of the video for the new single "Drivin’ You Outta My Mind" from rising country group LiveWire.

"It all came together pretty quickly. We wrote it in Nashville -- Danny Bell and myself in a hotel room. He was just playing a riff, and I felt that the riff was kind of a song in itself," lead singer Andy Eutsler tells Billboard about the song's origins. "It made me just want to get in the car and do some driving and clear my head.” Also adding their touch to the song were Landon Rolfe and Nashville hit songwriter Johnny Bulford.

According to Eutsler, as soon as Clif Doyal and Rick Sellers from Way Out West, the group’s label, heard the tune, it was a no-brainer. "We knew it was definitely going to be the next single. We rushed into the studio and recorded it. We were looking at a couple of other songs, but this one rushed to the top of the list," the singer explains.

The video for "Drivin'," which was helmed by veteran Nashville director Flick Wiltshire, was shot in the Gloss Mountains and the Little Sahara State Park in western Oklahoma. "Clif knew of a really cool spot in Oklahoma," says Eutsler, who lives in Missouri and admits to being a little shocked at the picturesque area. “A lot of the state is open fields -- as far as you can see. But I didn’t know there was that kind of terrain out there. It turned out great.”  

Watch the video below:


Fans of classic cars will definitely be drawn to what Eutsler thinks is the star of the video: his 1967 GTO, which looks a lot different than when he got the car. “I bought it about five years ago in Mountain Home, Ark. It was in about a thousand pieces,” Eutsler recalls with a laugh. “When I got it home, it was just a shell, and there was about fifty boxes of parts. It was completely disassembled.” He began to repair the car slowly but surely, and when it came time to do the video, Dangerous Motors in Cushing, Okla., took the project the rest of the way, totally rebuilding and customizing the vehicle. “They did it right, and did it perfect. It was better than a new one,” he adds.

LiveWire -- comprised of Eutsler, lead guitarist Bobby DeGonia, fiddler Cory Shultz, drummer Brad Allen, pedal steel guitarist Scott Kwapiszeski and bassist/single co-producer, Paul Carabello -- has been getting positive feedback on the single thus far. “It gave us a different attitude and it sets us up in a southern rock mode," says Eutsler. "It’s got Marshall Tucker mixed with some modern twists. It’s very reminiscent of Travis Tritt, too. It shows another side of us. We’re not a straight-ahead country band or a straight-ahead red dirt band. We like to play a variety of a lot of stuff, and this definitely showcases that.”