Jordan Anderson
 Melinda Norris

When you hear the heartfelt lyrics of Jordan Anderson's latest single, "American Dream," keep in mind that it is her real life she’s singing about — word for word. 

"I wrote it with James Dean Hicks in Nashville. It was an awesome experience. It's about my journey and making the move up here to Nashville," the Colorado native told Billboard. "I graduated early from high school and moved up here when I was eighteen, and decided to go for it – even though it was a scary thing for me to do. It all culminated into this song. We live in this awesome country that we theoretically have the opportunity to pursue any dream. This song is about my dream, but my hope is that other people can relate their dreams to it too and be encouraged to chase theirs."

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After splitting time between Florida and Music City, Anderson tells The 615 that making the move to Nashville was something she wanted – and had to do. "I went back and forth for about two years, but there’s such a different vibe about living here. When you're in here, you're surrounded by music. It's everywhere you go." 

She says she being here around so much talent constantly refreshes and inspires her. "There are all kinds of new experiences and networking opportunities. You can always find other amazing artists and learn from them. There are people who have been here a couple of years longer than you who can give you advice. It's so much cooler to actually be in the area where there are people who can guide you through things, as opposed to being separated from Nashville, where you are always outside of the circle – and always looking in and trying to get your foot in there. Being in Nashville has just been an awesome experience. I love the city. It's awesome to be here."

She says there was an adjustment period moving to a larger city, but Music City doesn't really feel like the huge metropolitan area it is. "I always joke that Nashville is kind of a small town. I had never lived in a big city before I got here. I was a little terrified. But, the circle of people here is so large. You can go anywhere around town and see somebody that you know. It's really comforting to have that feeling. Anytime I've been to New York or Chicago, I've been overwhelmed, but in Nashville it feels like your family is just around the corner."

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A former performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Anderson says that the difference in the talent pool in Nashville did take a little getting used to. "It was a huge shell shock when I moved up here. Back home, I was probably one of the only country music singers in the town. People knew me for that, so when there were events where people might have needed a country singer, I was the 'go-to' girl. I went to Belmont my first year, and that in itself taught me a lot about going into the very large pond of singers that go to Belmont alone – let alone everyone else in town."

Anderson is currently working with Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) in the studio, and she’s ready to give it her all. "Throughout this next year, I'll be touring with my band, enjoying performing and connecting with my growing fan base. Each year the steps I’m taking are getting me closer to my dream of success. So I'm just going to continue working hard and am excited to see where it all takes me."