Kenny Chesney Unveils 'The Big Revival' Album Cover: Exclusive

Kenny Chesney, 'The Big Revival'

Kenny Chesney, 'The Big Revival' album cover.

"I wanted an album cover that was surprising," says the country giant on his new album.

Country superstar Kenny Chesney will return this September with a new studio album, "The Big Revival," and the veteran singer-songwriter has revealed the upcoming full-length's official artwork exclusively on Chesney's recent albums have all featured his face on the cover, but for "The Big Revival," the 46-year-old opted to change things up with the brightly colored school bus that fans will recognize from the music video for new single "American Kids."

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"I wanted an album cover that was surprising... Not what people expect, but that also suggests anything is possible," Chesney explains. "That no matter where you are in your life, how tired or lost or demoralized, with a little faith and a little help, anything is possible... Because it's all within you! Or me.

"That was the thing about that bus," continues Chesney. "It was so far beyond coloring outside the lines, yet what is more common than a school bus? We've all seen them, no matter how old we are, our entire lives... and yet, when you look at that bus after we were done painting it, it was a whole new notion!"

"The Big Revival," due out Sept. 23, has already produced a new hit for Chesney with "American Kids," which has peaked at No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart in just its third week on the tally. The feel-good single will be joined by collaborations with Alison Krauss, Grace Potter and others on the follow-up to last year's "Life on a Rock."

"I think that that's the thing about the songs on this record... about the attitude and energy in 'American Kids'... it's not the same old, it's not what you expect," says Chesney. "The Big Revival" will try to become Chesney's eighth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart upon its September release.