Chase Rice Talks 'Ready Set Roll': 'I Finally Got a Plaque to Hang on the Wall’

No pun intended, but Chase Rice is on quite the “Roll” these days.

The singer recently celebrated the fact that his “Ready Set Roll” single has been certified gold. While not the first plaque Rice has received (he was one of the co-writers of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”), having his own record pass the 500,000 sales mark is a special feeling.

“I got to experience that before as a writer on ‘Cruise.’ I remember when the first plaque came in. I thought ‘This is so cool. I finally got a plaque to hang on the wall.’ When I used to think gold or platinum records, I would think Elvis or Willie Nelson. To see one happen with ‘Cruise’ was one thing, but to have one with my picture on it and have it be my actual song is a real dream come true.”

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Rice recalled to The 615 that he got the news via a text from his manager. “We knew we were creeping up on it, but figured we were a couple of weeks away. We ended up having a really good sales week, and he texted me and said ‘Congrats. We got our first gold record.’ As a manager, he has never had one either. It’s a very surreal feeling. Elvis and the Beatles belong on the wall. But, we got the plaques ordered, they came in, and I’m pumped to have my first gold record as an artist. A lot of people don’t have one when they have a top ten song. It’s a pretty big deal, for sure.”

The single, which is currently sits at No. 17 on Hot Country Songs and No. 83 on the Hot 100, has also helped Rice grow his live fan base, as well. “We really started to notice a change in the last month when the single went gold and we hit the Top 25. There were markets where we played before, and we had always filled them up. The fans are unbelievable. They had to find me before radio did, so they’ve always been awesome. We played North Dakota the other night. The first time we played there, there were twenty people there. Last night, there was 4,000, and we were the headliners. So, we have obviously seen a change. We don’t have that insecurity anymore of, ‘Are people going to show up?' They are, and there’s a lot of them at the shows. It’s a good feeling.”

Rice has also been opening up shows this year as part of Dierks Bentley’s “Riser” tour. He has nothing but praise for his host, saying “Dierks is one of my favorite people in all of music. He’s very selfless, and such an awesome guy. I think he’s that way because he’s had an up and down career. He’s had the low moments and the high moments. He understands it and now he’s back on top. He appreciates it and you can tell it by just talking to him. He’s happy to be up there and happy to be headlining. He’s worked his ass off for it and I’m happy as hell for him and happy to be a part of the tour.”

Rice says that all systems are still go on the single, which found its initial legs on SiriusXM’s “The Highway.” He feels the song can climb all the way to the top of the Billboard charts. “I’m still really focused on ‘Ready, Set, Roll,’ because it’s still working… There’s a lot of top five songs that haven’t gone gold yet. We need to get up into the top ten or top five. To me, it’s a number one song -- there is no doubt about it. The fans want to hear it and they scream for it every night. We just have to keep working hard to get it there. Radio is taking it in and running with it. At the same time, we have our eyes on the next single though we haven’t decided yet. But, when ‘Ready Set Roll’ is done, I feel we’re stacked with about twelve singles in a row from the album that are ready to roll right behind it,” he says, alluding to the Aug. 19 release of his full-length set, "Ignite The Night."

The date is no coincidence – as it falls on his late father’s birthday.