This Thursday (June 26 marks the third week for Nashville Dancin’ presented by Dollar General in downtown Music City, and the summer concert series will feature a bit of country flavor with Will Hoge and Drake White. For White, it’s  a concert experience that he is looking forward to. “We’re ready to get out there and hit the road,” he tells Billboard. “Just being in Nashville in front of Will Hoge is going to be really great, but the whole event is just cool. It has an open-air festival type feel, and anytime that you can play in Music City and get some friends out there, that’s a good thing too.”

Playing live is something that White loves doing – regardless of crowd size. He developed a following while playing in college, and is proud do have honed his skills there. “There’s people where it’s definitely their thing, and there’s people where would rather be less in the spotlight. But, I really enjoy being on stage and in front of people, and getting the energy off of people. I cut my teeth at a lot of bars across the country. It’s just turned into one of my favorite things.”

The Alabama native hit the top-40 on the Country Airplay chart last year with “Simple Life,” and was announced last week as the second act signed for the relaunch of the historic Dot imprint under the Big Machine umbrella. “We’ve been working on an album,” he says. "I’ve been working very hard for the last couple of weeks,” he adds, with hopes of having a single to radio by summers’ end. He’s pleased to be a part of the Dot pedigree, as well. “All an artist could ever ask for is at Dot,” he says. “Excitement surrounds the revitalization of this nostalgic name and the band and I are ecstatic to be working with this team! I want to be around dreamers, people that are not afraid to push boundaries. It's gonna be a great ride with this diverse, talented family. Scott Borchetta is a doer and Chris Stacey has great ears and a straight shooting gun. I'm so blessed to be working with these great folks.”

White says he is more than ready to get new music out. He understands the “Hurry Up and Wait” game – especially with a new label deal, but he does admit it can be a little frustrating. “With my mentality, and my personality, I’m typically the kind who likes to get things done. Everybody likes to build things, and push things forward. You get in a groove, and you’re excited about the music, and you want the business side to work as fast, but it seldom happens like that. You’ve got to keep working, writing, and doing all this stuff while the business thing works itself out. But, it’s something everyone does, so you can’t really gripe about it – so it’s not just you. It’s just how long it takes. As long as it’s done right, and with enthusiasm, I can’t complain. But, it can be difficult,” he admits with a laugh.

However, one thing is for certain – when White takes to the stage, all the business thoughts tend to float away. “When I hit the stage, there’s nothing in my head but thinking about performing live. For that amount of time, you forget about your problems, your worries, and the entire world. That’s what I want the crowd to do – to forget about everything. It’s an experience. It’s not just coming out there and watching a couple of songs. I want to involve people in my shows and make an experience for them!”