Steven Padilla

The debut album from newcomer Steven Padilla, "Good At Goodbye," has been released, and the talented newcomer tells The 615 that he is glad to finally have it out for his fans. That being said, the singer admitted to Billboard that one person who definitely isn’t listening to the disc that much – is him. He says each time he listens, he thinks of how he can better his music.

"I'm already thinking about how I want to do the next album, and how I can make it better. I’m already thinking about different sounds or different microphones for different songs. I try not to listen to it because I listened to it so much when we were making it. I just got burned out. You can only listen so much," he says with a smile.

"Good At Goodbye" is a mixture of nostalgic tips of the hat to his native Crimson Tide country – as well a few heartfelt love songs about his wife Amanda. One of the former on the album is "Peaches and Pines," of which he said "That was a co-write with Adam Hood. We had never written together, and I had the riff of the song – but no lyrics at the time. We wanted to talk about home, about the city versus back home in the sticks. That’s where that came from. It does take me back home every time I listen to it. I feel like a lot of country music fans can relate to that small town lifestyle."

It's a lifestyle he can attest to, having grown up on rural Demopolis, Alabama – population 7,483. Padilla says entertainment options aren’t that plentiful in the heart of Marengo County, so he was drawn to the golden arches. "There is a McDonalds there, and I grew up on McDonalds," he said. "I got out of my hometown and moved to Tuscaloosa, started working out, and got rid of all of that excess weight that I built over the years. We had to make our own fun most of the time, whether that was going down to the river, riding backroads, off-roading, hunting, fishing, or sports."

Then, there are songs like "This Woman In My Life," which document the love that he feels for his wife and daughter. "I spent years playing college towns in bars acting the fool. I was caught up the drinking and partying lifestyle, then I met my wife and she got me out of that hole, That’s what ‘This Woman In My Life’ talks about – meeting her and her opening up my eyes to the craft and ability that God gave me – and setting my mind to using it."

He also channels those emotions on another cut from the CD. "'If I Didn’t Have You' is more of a spiritual song, about the baby before she was born, my wife, and the last verse is about Jesus. I got very spiritual this year, and gave my life to Christ, got baptized, and things just started happening. That was basically my shout out to everything I have in my life that I can’t do without  - my wife and family, and God."

Padilla has serviced the album to country radio, though he and his team haven’t narrowed on a particular focus track. Instead, they are just merely trying to spread the word about his talent. "We’re trying to build a buzz about the record, and reach out to as many people as possible. We’re planning on a showcase in Nashville to draw some people out in the industry just to let them know what we’re doing. The man upstairs is in control. I trust in him, and that he’s going to make some things happen."