Dailey & Vincent

Bluegrass superduo Dailey & Vincent are working at a feverish pace these days. This past weekend saw them in Washington D.C. performing at the Library of Congress, and also making another stop in the area to set up their next project. "We are looking at doing the first ever Dailey & Vincent Live CD and DVD at George Mason University. We're excited about that," Jamie Dailey tells Billboard. The pace only picks up from there. "Then, the day before my birthday, on June 8 we will play Carnegie Hall, then the Ryman on July 17. We're calling it our "Musical Landmarks of America Tour."

Dailey says he had played the Library of Congress before, but has never been to Carnegie Hall. He's excited for D&V fans to see the duo in the historic venue. As far as the Ryman goes, he is very familiar with the former home of the Grand Ole Opry. The duo's yearly show there each summer is one of the hottest tickets in Music City – and a special night for everyone involved.

"We always bring in a few extra musicians for the Ryman show. We've got a few special surprise guests coming up that are going to sing and play with us. We usually work up a brand new show. We'll start doing different songs, but also our old staple songs – about five of them. We keep them in there, because they would run us out of the place if we didn't do some of their favorites."

Dailey & Vincent's sponsor, Springer Mountain Farms, is offering fans to win a July getaway to see the Ryman show and spend four days in Nashville. More info here.

Though the live project is the duo's focus for right now, Dailey says he has been doing some writing for their follow-up to last year's "Brothers Of The Highway."

"I've been doing a ton of writing with people like Jimmy Fortune and Karen Staley. I wrote for the first time with Bill Anderson this year. He is one of the kindest and biggest-hearted people in the business. I came in with my laptop. Jimmy came in with his laptop, and Bill comes in with a notebook and a bunch of pencils in a rubber band. I just looked at him. He said 'I see how you're looking at me. Brad Paisley did me the same way. He'd look over at me when we were writing a song, and said 'Okay, Moses. You ready to write?' We've got all the technology, and Bill comes in with notebooks and pencils. But," he reasons, "he's had a lot of success doing it that way."

The duo can also be heard over Nashville radio station WSM-AM hosting their own radio show. Dailey stresses though the duo enjoys it, no broadcast personalities need worry about their jobs. "We're not natural DJ's. We just try to get on there and have a good time. We love being a part of WSM Radio. It's a lot of fun, and Joe Limardi has been a tremendous help to us in that regard. We couldn't do it without him."