615 Spotlight: Jill & Julia Talk 'Wildfire' Single, Vegas Life

Jill and Julia

No pun intended, but the Nevada-based sister duo known as Jill and Julia have caused a "Wildfire" with their latest single. OK, that just happens to be the title of their brand new single release. The duo's Jill told The 615 that they are happy with the attention the song has received. "We released ‘Wildfire' back in March. We've gotten a lot of attention since the song came out – from internet radio to secondary stations. We've also been able to book some shows off of it, so it's been awesome." 

Her sister Julia says that the song is a true collaboration, lyrically and sonically. "We actually write everything together. There was a fire going on near our house. We were on our way home from a Kellie Pickler concert that night, and we sat down and talked about some of our experiences and we wrote it."

Writing together has helped the duo hone their style, says Jill. "We write almost all of our songs together -- just her and I. I think that's what makes the songs organic, and work. Sometimes, we'll finish a song in about two hours. We take very seriously what we want our songs to portray to our audience."

Music has been in both sisters' system since they can remember, says Julia. "We grew up in Indiana, and took piano lessons and vocal lessons, then guitar lessons. Not too long after that, we started writing together. Music has been important to us all our lives, and we took advantage of every avenue we had to perform." Making a move to Las Vegas three years ago has no doubt helped the duo sharpen their focus, she says.

Jill told Billboard that playing in one of the entertainment centers of the world has improved their live act. "We perform all over Vegas – anywhere you can think of. Right now, we're working on getting some residencies here. Vegas has been very welcoming, and because it is Vegas, you have so many travelers coming in, so it gives us more exposure. We don't have to travel as much. The audience comes to you."

As for the future, Jill says they are both ready to give it all they got. "We have been finishing college at UNLV. I think we're going to be touring this summer, and visiting radio so we can stop and shake hands with programmers and thank them for playing our music." They will also be playing some showcases at the upcoming CMA Music Festival.