Dolly Parton performs at the Red Tent Women's Conference 2014

April 18:  Dolly Parton attends Stella Parton's Red Tent Women's Conference 2014 at the Doubletree Hotel Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Dolly Parton has just released a new video, "Home," from her hit "Blue Smoke" album. The playful video follows Parton as she prepares for a photo shoot. True to form, her wardrobe is colorful throughout, and she even breaks out the banjo for part of the clip. The decidedly poppy song is a heartwarmer about, well, home. "I'll never be lost as long as I know, there's a place like that where I an go / Where I can restore my weary soul," she sings. Watch

The country music icon is currently on a hot streak, as the album entered the Billboard 200 chart in the No. 6 position -- marking her highest charting solo set ever. What lies ahead for the iconic figure? She admits she never stops dreaming.

"I just want to continue to do more and better with the things I’ve got going," she said. "I want to record better records, and would love to do some TV things, I’d love to do a children’s show, something like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I would love to have my own cosmetic company, so I have new dreams everyday. I’m old enough now to think ‘What is my legacy going to be? I hope it’s going to be a whole lot of things."

It's turning out to be a busy year in the life of the Sevierville, TN native, as she is currently on a brief American leg of her world tour. She said recently that though the languages might be a little bit different, she loves playing for them all. 

"We love our fans, no matter where," she said. "In America, they know they will get to see you if you go somewhere. They don’t have to get on a plane or get on a boat, and travel so far. Usually, when we go overseas, they want us to know how much they love and appreciate us. They’re really responsive, and it’s a nice feeling. Fans are fans, and I love them all. We’re different here in the states and react how we do, but  over there, they don’t know if they will ever see you again,and you don’t know if you’re going to see them again. So, they give it all they got, and I give it all I’ve got. So, it really makes for a nice, fun show."

In a career that has seen hit records, movies, and books, what is her own personal highlight so far? She says that it’s hard to narrow it to one, but her 2006 night as a Kennedy Center Honors recipient definitely stands tall in her mind.

"That was a real special time in my life because I felt like I had done enough. You don’t know what’s going to happen to you when you start out with your dreams as a child. You just hope they all come true. You spend your whole life working, and don’t realize how hard you’re working – then all of a sudden, someone else sees it, and you feel really proud. I’ve got to say that was one of the proudest times."