Wayne Hancock Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Wayne Hancock
Sandy Carson

Wayne Hancock, one of Texas country music's most enduring artists, will be recuperating from the sidelines this spring after being involved in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

Hancock, an experienced rider, was taken at first to a local ICU, and is currently recovering in a hospital near his home in Denton. The Bloodshot artist, who celebrates his 49th birthday Thursday, suffered injuries including a collapsed lung, multiple broken ribs, and a fractured elbow.

Due to his recuperation, all of his performances and scheduled events through June 8 are postponed until further notice. Bloodshot will keep in touch with his fans for additional news on his recovery status, and information on rescheduled events as it becomes available. For specifics on rescheduled dates or ticket refunds, fans are urged to check with respective venues.

Hancock has released six albums through Bloodshot, including last year's "Ride." Before that, he issued three albums on the Ark 21 label.

If fans would like to help Hancock offset his growing medical expenses, you can donate to the indie artist on Paypal at