Randy Houser Talks 'Kiss' Success, Tees Up Next Single 'Like a Cowboy'

Randy Houser
Stoney Creek Records

Randy Houser is in the midst of the hottest streak of his career. The Stoney Creek recording artist has notched back-to-back chart toppers with "How Country Feels" and "Runnin' Outta Moonlight," and with his latest, "Goodnight Kiss," sitting at No. 2 on the Country Airplay chart. Throw in his slot on the Justin Moore tour, and the singer is definitely running on all cylinders. Working with Moore and Josh Thompson has been a blast, Houser told Billboard.

"We've been touring with Justin since the middle of October. We've been having a great time. Justin has been a buddy for a long time, and Josh and I have become good friends. We're just all having a great time. The crowds have been awesome, and they've treated us well. We don't have a huge production, but we're out there making good music – and doing it old school. That's what's fun about it."

Houser says that the camaraderie between him and his fellow artist is very strong. Recent interviews with Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann have spoken to the tight bond between the three – through good times and bad, and Houser says that is on the mark. "That relationship with those guys is as strong as an old oak. We've been running together since we got here. We've always been supportive of each other, and we've had to figure things out at the same time together. There's been times when all of us have struggled with our careers. We've always looked at it as if one of us is doing good, it kind of helps to pull the others with him. That's just the way we've approached things. It's paid off, and the biggest thing is that we all are real friends – and not just business associates. There's not even a sense of competition among us, because we're just having fun, and we're lucky to do that for a living. We care about each other and their families, and all that stuff."

Houser gives the credit for his success to his label and his friends at radio. "It's been quite amazing how country radio and the fans have accepted me, and allowed me to come into their lives and homes. After lots of hits and misses, it can be very hard in the business to get a leg up. People have come around and accepted the music. Two number ones in a row is very wild. I'm very lucky."

Houser is also excited about the fourth release from "How Country Feels," which he said is a favorite: "Like a Cowboy."

"[Brice Long and I] wrote it a few years ago. I grew up around the rodeo and around a bunch of cowboys. I always noticed that cowboys traveled. One of my favorite movies of all time was 'Red Headed Stranger' and all those old Clint Eastwood movies. You always see the cowboy going home and resting and trying to plant the fields, and make things easier at home. I kind of felt that musicians these days are a lot like an old cowboy. We go out and try to make our living. There's that picture of someone who has to go out and travel for a living, and comes home to their family, and making it work. That's what it means to me."

 Speaking of family, Houser is glad to come home to wife Jessa, and their son West. "Fatherhood is treating me well. I love it," he told Billboard. "Our little boy just turned two, and we took him to Disneyland the first part of March. I love him so much. He amazes me every day."