615 Spotlight: Sarah Davidson of 'Nashville Wives' Releases Debut EP

Sarah Davidson

Check out the exclusive lyric video premiere for Davidson first single, "Drink You Up"

So, you think that you know Sarah Davidson – one of the stars of TNT's "Private Lives of Nashville Wives?" According to the Georgia-bred songstress, a lot of people are getting to know her.

"I have really seen an outpouring of new fans on my Twitter and my Facebook," she tells Billboard. "People have reached out to me and said that they have loved my voice. They see me working hard on the show, and it's been really fun to have had people come out of the woodwork and latch on to the music. They seem excited to hear more, so I think it's going really well."

The former wife of ace songwriter Dallas Davidson, she tells Billboard that music has always been a part of her existence – long before TNT. "I'm from South Georgia, and grew up singing and writing. I wrote my first song when I was eleven. I moved to Nashville to study music business at Belmont. I fell in love with this town, got my first internship on the row, then got my first publishing deal. I was trying to make it as an artist."

This week, Davidson releases her very first EP – a self-titled Walmart exclusive release that includes "Bright Lights, Big City," the "Private Lives" theme song as well as "Drink You Up," her new single. Watch the premiere of the song's lyric video:

Stubner promises "to go hard at radio. She'll be going to stations across the country... and we'll put money into the online component just like radio.""I am so excited that I will be able to put this music out," she says. "I've been in town nine and a half years, and have dreamed of this moment my whole life – being able to put music out there on a scale where people would have the opportunity to buy it, and have promotion behind it. I can't wait to share my music with the world. Every single asset that I have had in my life – money, time, energy, I've put it all toward making music, and to be able to put something out is so huge for me."

For Carl Stubner, Chairman of Suretone, Davidson's label, it's a two way street. "We are honored to be involved with her. We came upon her right after she finished shooting the show. We had been looking for an an artist in the country world to add to our management, but also to our record company. I immediately believed in her as someone who people could identify with. She has that will to succeed, but also works hard."

Stubner promises "to go hard at radio. She'll be going to stations across the country... and we'll put money into the online component just like radio."

Working with Suretone has been a dream come true for Davidson. "It's awesome. I have a partnership with a label that gave me a lot of creative control.  They saw everything I brought to the table, and how hard I worked, and they let me have a say in my project. I've tried to get deals with labels in town, and not saying anything bad about them, but I know I wouldn't have had that opportunity anywhere else. All I ever wanted was a chance to go to radio, and to be able to partner with a label that can make things happen quickly, and give me so much control over what I want to say is so exciting to me."