615 Spotlight: GB Leighton Is Ready to 'Get Up'

The country singer recently shot a video for his "Get Up" single and eyes more new music this year

Named one of The 615's ten country artists to watch this year, Minnesota native GB Leighton has quite a fan following already, but he's hoping 2014 offers him the opportunity to spread his music worldwide. 

He says that his fans have been very much behind him, and very loyal, though some go to extreme lengths to prove it. 

"I've had lyrics tattooed. I've autographed people's legs, and those have come back tattooed," he said. "I thought I would have done it a little nicer if they were going to get it tattooed. It can be kind of weird. I've had some children and pets named after me, people get married to my music that have met at my shows." 

Taking it all in stride, he added, "I guess I'm Cupid on stage."

Leighton has just completed a new video for his single, "Get Up," which he says will be released to outlets soon. 

"We shot it during one of the cold spells in Nashville," he said, referring to the south's chillier-than-normal winter temperatures. "It was cold, but it was fun. The single is picking up momentum. It's a very exciting time."

Leighton, who has waged a successful battle with cancer over the past few years, tells Billboard that he takes his role as a performer seriously when it comes to helping other people forget their troubles. 

"It's one of those aspects of life that is different for an entertainer. One of the greatest lines ever written was one from a Journey song that said ‘We all need the clowns to make us smile.' The hours that go into making a three and a half minute song is amazing if you think about it, just like a scene from a movie. It's a whole different world," he says.

The singer plans on staying on the road to promote his single, but admits he's already thinking about the next project. 

"The next couple of weeks, we'll be on the road playing some ski areas around home. I also plan on starting to write for the next project. It's never too early for that," he says excitedly.