Sammy Kershaw Fast-Tracks His Second Christmas Album
Sammy Kershaw Fast-Tracks His Second Christmas Album

Sammy Kershaw revisits history a bit on his latest release, "Big Hits: Volume One." The veteran performer has re-cut many of his hits that he made famous some two decades ago for Mercury Records. He says he jumped at the opportunity. "The technology has changed so much in this business. I recorded albums over the years, and when I go back and listen to them six months or a year after, I'll listen to them and think ‘I wish I would have sang this part this way or that way. I wish this was a little brighter, so I was able to do that. It was really exciting to go into the studio and re-do these hits."

When asked about the differences between the new recordings and the originals. Kershaw said "There's a little more edge to them. They are sung pretty much identical to the originals, but there are some different things in there that I think people will be able to catch and hear."

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Sometimes, an artist will approach a song from another sense of emotions than they did when they originally recorded a song. However, Kershaw tells Billboard that he feels doing so would be next to impossible for him. "I won't record a song unless I've lived it. When I record a song, people should automatically know that I've lived it. So, even if it's twenty years later, I'm still singing the song for the same reason and the song still feels the same because I've lived the story. There's no way I could associate one of my old songs with a different story because I've already lived it in my mind for that record."

Among the songs chosen for the disc included his breakout 1991 hit "Cadillac Style," in addition to "Don't Go Near The Water," "She Don't Know She's Beautiful," and "Yard Sale," which all left a mark on his fans. How does Kershaw think they will feel about the new versions? 

"I think the fans will feel the same thing. Mixing and mastering has changed a lot, so they might feel – and I hate to say it this way – that the song sounds fresh. It sounds like a ‘nowaday' record. I'm not saying they didn't back then, because they were new back then. It's later on in the career. It was nice to feel something a little different, a little more up to date."

Ever the workhorse, the Louisiana native has several other irons in the fire. "I'm still working on a blues album, and I do have another project that I'm about to start on, but I don't want to say what that is yet. Hopefully, we'll have that out by spring."

The singer is also looking to continue his successful ‘Roots & Boots' tour with Joe Diffie and Aaron Tippin. "We've got a lot of work coming up. Aaron, Joe and I will get back out on the road together,  and will have some fun in the winter and springtime, and when it's summer time again, it will be the band and I again. This tour have given us a lot of extra work. We got lucky and hit one out of the park."