Colby Dee

Colby Dee continues to make impressive inroads on her path to stardom. The stunning songstress -- featured in "The 615 Spotlight" back in July -- has just issued her first EP, "Missed The Exit."

"Honestly, this is my little baby," she tells Billboard. "It’s so great that the project is finally out."

Having a hand in writing each of the cuts on the EP, Dee says the inspiration for the songs are kind of scattered around a bit. "When it came time to choose the songs for the album, they kind of had a mind of their own when it comes to a relationship cycle. 'You Don’t Know’ was written over a year ago, and 'Missed The Exit’ was written in either July or August. It’s funny to see the transformation of a relationship in your songs."

She released the bouncy "He Don’t Know" as the first single from the set, and then embarked on her first-ever radio tour to promote the song, which she said was a highlight of her life and career so far. "It’s so much fun to travel," she exclaims. "It was a lot of fun to see the different parts of the country, and meet the DJ’s and to hear your song on the radio. I don’t think that feeling will ever get old. It was the most rewarding thing ever." In fact, she admits that it was radio’s response to "Missed The Exit," which she performed on the tour that led the song to being chosen as the EP’s title track.

The album is a mixture of different moods and emotions, with "Shoo Fly" being one of her favorite up-tempo tunes. "I look at as my sassy song. I wrote it with three other guys, and it’s about how a girl is out, and guys come up and try to hit on her in all the wrong ways. Instead of saying ‘Hey, how are you,’ he’s saying all the wrong things.  I’ve heard a lot of the girls seem to like that song, and I hope that some of the guys will start to as well, and maybe the light bulb will go off for them," she says with a laugh.

Road-wise, 2013 has been filled with a lot of highlights, as well. "I did the Georgia National Fair, and was there for about five days. I did two shows a day, and having that exposure and being able to meet that many fans was incredible. When the EP came out, I wanted to go back home, and have a CD release party. So, we had a 'Barn Party,' back home in Georgia. I was amazed at how many fans came out to show their support for me and my music. It was a night to remember. Then, last week, we had a sold-out show in Nashville to premiere my CD at the Listening Room.  I was just astounded by that."  

As she gears up for the coming year, she just wants to continue learning – and climbing. "I still feel like I am aiming for that goal constantly. I don’t ever want to settle. Right now, I just want to get my music out there, and get it to the fans. I want to perform anywhere and everywhere I can. I’m just anxious to see where this journey is going to continue to take me. Hopefully, it keeps rising because I’m having the time of my life right now."