Kix Brooks Takes Turn as Leading Man in 'Ambush At Dark Canyon'

Chris and Todd Owyoung

Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks says there's an undeniable tie between the average country music demographic and westerns. "I think a lot of us grew up being fans of westerns and those old TV shows," he related to Billboard. "It's the cowboy hat, jeans, and boots, and it goes along with our music. It's that simple and honest mentality. Most westerns are basically good vs. evil, and people like watching westerns because they know that in the end, the good guy is going to get the best of them."

The singer is hoping that fans will appreciate "Ambush At Dark Canyon," a new film that will feature Brooks in his first leading role as Duke Donovan. It will be released in Walmart stores on January 14. Appearing with Brooks in the film will be current hitmaker Randy Houser, as well as Ernie Hudson. On that same day, Walmart will release a soundtrack for the movie, which was produced by the singer. Though it is the first headlining role for Brooks as an actor, he said he would love to go in front of the cameras again in the future.

Before that project is released, he has another film that he is very excited about. "A Country Christmas" has just been released to Walmart stores, and will hit all other retail outlets on November 12. Brooks co-produced the music for the film with Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus. He says he is enjoying getting to be creative through another outlet.

"That whole project was a lot of fun. I became a partner in a production company. There's four of us, including my son Eric, who studied film and English at Vanderbilt. I have a couple of other partners in Dustin Rikert, who is a good writer, and William Shockley, who is a longtime Hollywood actor – also a good writer. They started working on this Christmas script, and we were at my house working on a western that we had already filmed. We just started kicking ideas around on this, and they dug in on the script and got it written. I said ‘Man, let's make it.' So, I called a few of my friends up and raised a little money, and we went to work on it."

Brooks was slated to appear in the film, but he had other commitments at the time. 

"I was trying to finish my album at the same time, and the label was getting impatient with me. So, the day I was supposed to film – I was going to be a cop in the movie that pulled Santa Claus over along with his elf who was driving at the time. I called Trace Adkins up, and I told him ‘I've got to get this record done this week.' He was hosting the American Country Awards, and I asked him if he would mind doing it. All he could say was "Do I gotta cut my hair?' I told him, ‘No, I need a long haired country cop.' He pulled it off, and did a great job on it. Jay DeMarcus was in it too. We also did the soundtrack for the Christmas film. We took some of the classics, got some great musicians together, and put a contemporary spin on them. I'm excited about it. The movie came out last week, and it's in Walmart. I think we are doing a premiere screening in Nashville at the Belcourt."

Brooks, who continues his CMA Award winning stint on  "American Country Countdown," says he feels that there's a market for the work that his company is making. 

"I'm gonna keep drawing on some country music artists along with some Hollywood actors, and make some movies that people will enjoy that they can take their families to." 

Musically speaking, he has just started writing for an upcoming project. His solo debut for Arista, "New To This Town," hit the top-10 on the Country Albums chart, and two singles from the disc, "Bring It On Home" and the title cut, made it to the top-40 of the Country Songs chart.