Jason Mitchell

The new release from Jason Mitchell, titled "Stomp," is starting to make a little bit of an impact, and as the singer tells Billboard – in a pretty unique place. "We just had it play during the second quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers game. It played during the highlight reel, and it was on the jumbo-tron. That was awesome. It got picked up on The Highway (SiriusXM) recently, and also is on iTunes."

Though Mitchell was at his home in Nashville when the song played for the Steelers faithful at Heinz Field, he says he heard about it instantly. "The phone just blew up. We were sitting there on the couch, and I got a call on the cell phone, then one on the house phone. Then, someone beeped in on both lines. It was a crazy and intense five minutes."

How did his song come to the attention of the NFL powerhouse? "Mike Kraski of Tenacity has had season tickets," Mitchell said of his label chief. "I think they are grandfathered in from his family through generations. Then, he took it to them because he has a very good friend that's in the Steelers camp. Dale Morris is good friends with the Steelers camp, and another friend of mine in Mississippi is friends with some people inside the organization. So, it was just a very unique series of events that brought that song to them."

Mitchell released a pair of well-received singles a couple of years ago, but "Stomp" represents a little bit of a return to the business. "I took a little hiatus. People always say the music business is 'hurry up and wait.' Jason Aldean had that song 'Crazy Town' where one minute they are repossessing your truck, and the next you're making a million bucks. It's absolutely true. I was doing nothing one minute, then I was flying to Florida to do a radio tour, and the Steelers were playing my song on the jumbo tron. It's been crazy, and a whirlwind. We just got back from Baton Rouge where we played in front of about 10,000 people at an event for Mastercraft. It's nuts."

Thankfully, his automobile didn't get repossessed, but he did go through some life changes. "My dad had surgery, and I came off the road to spend time with him and help him acclimated to his new life. While I was doing that, I ended up working at a retail store, and I met my wife. We ended up having a baby. Everything has been a blessing."

Mitchell is putting the final touches on a new album, and he is excited about telling the stories of his life. He says that he thinks his music might have a little bit more meaning. "I think now I have something to talk about. It's not about just going out and meeting this person or being in a relationship. I'm married with a baby. I get to hang out with people when I go out and do these shows, and meet a new variety of people. I get to sit down and talk to these people. I get to hear people's stories, which is a really neat feeling."