Gordon Mote -- one of Nashville’s most in-demand session players -- is also one of Gospel music’s most talented artists, which he shows on his new album, "All Things New." The disc gives him a chance to show off his talented family, especially on the emotional "For You," which features wife Kimberly and daughter Samantha.

"I loved having them on that cut with me," he said. "They sound like the same person. As we were getting close to the end of the record, we had songs about forgiveness, and songs that encouraged people, and all kinds of songs. But, I wanted to write a song that told God 'I love you for you. Yes, you’ve given me a lot of great blessings, and done so much for me and others, but I love him just for who he is."

The support that Mote’s family gives to him astounds the singer, who has been blind since birth. "Kimberly is still my best friend," he says of his wife of 21 years and mother to their three children. "God has blessed me with a wonderful family. When he calls someone to travel or minister in any way, he calls the whole family. They’ve all got to buy in. They have certainly supported me in all that I’ve done – from being a studio musician to touring. I can’t thank them enough."

Mote got a chance to celebrate his present and re-visit his past on "Down By The River," which features Trace Adkins as well as the Gaither Vocal Band. 

"I’ve worked with Trace a whole bunch, and of course, I have a history with the Gaithers – having been on the road with them for six and a half years, but even before that, working with them in the studio so much on their albums. Bill and I have such a great relationship, and they were willing to sing on this record. Then, we got Trace involved. He told me one time 'All I’ve ever wanted to do is sing bass in a Gospel quartet, so he’s doing that on this song."

If Mote’s popularity in Nashville was ever in question, the star power reflected on "Do You Believe In Love" sums up how his fellow artists feel about him – with appearances from Darius Rucker, Josh Turner, Scotty McCreery, Gabe Dixon, Sheryl Crow, and Matthew West. "I’ve played with a bunch of people over the years. But we couldn’t get them all on there. Fortunately, the people that I asked were more than willing to do it. We probably would have had more people, but Frank Rogers, my co-producer, said 'Man, we don’t have room for everybody.' What makes it more special is that all those acts are personal friends. They’re just normal people. Nashville is a very big little town. We all know each other, each others’ kids. There’s a real closeness about Nashville. It is like a family."

He said the fact that he has worked with artists such as Crow still amazes him. "The first time I played on something of hers, it was amazing. I don’t take any of that stuff for granted. I’ve played with Bob Seger, Lionel Richie, Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, and so many other artists. I never thought I would be on pop records, but I never thought I would be on country records, for that matter. I’ve been very fortunate, and hope to continue playing on records as long as I can."