Lady Antebellum Point to 'Compass' as New Single

Lady Antebellum

Lady A takes an anthem, adds banjo and fiddle: "All of those elements that we've missed – from our music, and the country genre," Hillary Scott tells us

There's a saying that the music business is a case of "Hurry Up and Wait." That term definitely does not apply to superstars Lady Antebellum. Just a few moments ago via Facebook, the Capitol Nashville trio announced their brand new single, "Compass." Lady A's Hillary Scott tells Billboard that though the song came to their attention well after the May release of their current album "Golden," recording the song was an opportunity they could not let pass them by.

"Sometimes in this amazing music industry that we live, breathe, and work in, a song comes into your life that you can't ignore," she said. "From the minute we first heard it, we believed in the message and the overall feel of the song. We knew we could put our own little overall spin on it. We had to have the fans hear it – immediately. So, we got creative, sat together with our team and our label, and told them that this song is where we are right now, as a band and personally. We wanted it out, so thankfully, everyone worked with us and are excited about it too."

Scott says the process was a quick one to record the track. "It all happened very fast. We got the song, and within two weeks we were in the studio with it. We lived with it for a little while, fell in love with it, and threw some ideas around with what we were going to do with it," admitting the sound of the song is a little bit of a departure. "We really wanted it to keep the anthemic feel, but we also wanted to make it organic. I know that's such a buzz word that everybody says, but that is so in line with how we try to make decisions as a band. We wanted to keep the energy and excitement that the song had, but also bring in the banjo and the fiddle, and all of those elements that we've missed – from our music, and the country genre. That overall feel is really what moved us, and that' s where we went with it."

The song is available for pre-order on iTunes today, and will be included on a special deluxe edition of "Golden," which will be released on November 12. Scott says the trio is looking forward to hitting the road again – with her daughter Eisele Kaye now a part of the touring entourage. Scott admits that the lyrics of the new single hit her in a way that is completely different than ever before.

"To hear this song and to think about my little girl as she grows up -- and what the lyric of the song says is amazing," she says. "It's such a big message, and I related so much to wanting to be home with her when she spreads her wings and goes to find her and what she wants to do. Thinking about that made it get into my heart a little more than I think it ever would have before her. To get out and perform this song – I think about doing it in the arenas, and I get chill bumps every time I think about it. I just feel it."

Scott also is beaming about the pair of nominations that Lady Antebellum has for the CMA Awards – for Vocal Group, of which they are a three time winner, and for Video for "Downtown," which she says was an unbelievable experience. 

"I have to say that 'Downtown' was the most fun video I have ever been a part of. We laughed and laughed, and had the best time. Videos can be long days and tiring, and the boys won't argue that they are their least favorite part of everything we do. I knew it was going to be a great video when I showed up at the shoot, and they were laughing and cutting up, asking the director to shoot extra scenes while they were dressed up in their Starsky & Hutch attire. It was hysterical. To have that nomination was really cool because we worked really hard on that video. I've become really great friends with Beth Behrs, our co-star from 'Two Broke Girls,' It's great to look back on that experience and be recognized for it by the CMA."