Rachele Lynae
Angela Talley Photography

Momentum Label Group recording artist Rachele Lynae has been making the promotional rounds as of late while promoting her sassy new single "Fishin' For Something." She tells Billboard the events of this summer have been exciting.

"I've been doing a lot of radio visits, and we've been mixing in a lot of shows. I've been dying to play some more full band shows. In 2013, we've been able to get out there and play more with a full band. It's been a lot of fun, and hopefully the fans have gotten to see what we're all about." 

Lynae says that being on stage gives her a chance to be in her natural element, and she's loved getting see her fan base grow over the past few months."I've always been so comfortable performing, and when we first started working together, my manager told me 'You are such a great performer,' but give yourself a year and you will feel so confident up there. I told him I was already confident, but it was true. The more shows you play, the stage you already thought was your home becomes where you're most comfortable."

She says that in spite of the current single being something of a female anthem, the song has quite a few male fans too. "It's funny because I didn't expect that the guys would like this song, but it turns out that they do. It's funny, and it relates to fishing. It's kind of tongue in cheek. The girls are getting sassy with it. I usually talk about what inspired the song. My girlfriends and I would go out line dancing. We get ready and we're about to go out, and there's always that one guy. Inevitably, someone in our group will go 'It's him. He's the one.' Everyone just has fun with it," she says.

The singer has been enjoying the attention she has been getting with her YouTube cover of Karmin's hit single "Acapella." In less than two days, the video received over 50,000 views – including one that was very special to her. "It wasn't my idea to start doing covers, because I am so focused on writing my own songs, but we were talking about some different ways to get music out there to the fans – I call them 'Rachelle's Rebels.' I wanted to give something back to them regularly. So, I decided to try it. It ends up getting a lot of hits, and Karmin winds up re-tweeting it, so it made me think 'OK, so this is kind of legit," she says with a smile. 

Having a viral presence is something that Lynae considers crucial to growing her career. "I have meetings with my team that are strictly about growing  our online presence. It's a continually growing thing, and it's becoming more and more amazing, actually."

Lynae also holds somewhat of a rare distinction when it comes to her birthplace. After all, not many performers of any genre are from Alaska. When asked to describe the musical scene in the state, she said "All I can really describe is where I'm from, which is Kodiak, and there's a ton of creative people. You're looking at all kinds of talents, painting, writing. I would say the music scene is very creative, with a lot of people who really cared about their music. There were so many people there that were making music just for the pure love of it – for no other reason. It was really inspiring, and it taught me a lot." 

Lynae is currently in the studio working on some new material. Her "Party Pack" EP has caused many fans and critics to buzz. The disc was produced by Jamie O'Neal ("There Is No Arizona"), whom she has nothing but high praise for. 

"Working with Jamie is awesome because she's been there. She has been there as an artist and a writer, even down to clothing, and she knows what it's like. She can help me do everything I need to do as an artist. On top of that, she is such a great producer. I can trust her to have a vision for a song, and she can bring it to life. It's really been an amazing experience to work with her."