'Chasing Nashville' TV Series to Follow Aspiring Stars From Appalachia

Each day, there's at least a handful of aspiring artists that cross the Davidson County border in search of fame and stardom. Some of those stories will soon be documented in a brand new Lifetime weekly series that will show the highs, lows, and heartbreak that comes with the search for fame.

"Chasing Nashville" will premiere on the network Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 10:00 p.m. PT/ET. Through extensive access to the home and budding professional lives of four ambitious teen singers from Appalachia, the series will follow the high drama and competition they encounter like no other singing show as they, and their equally determined families, lay everything on the line in pursuit of fame and fortune in country music.

For decades, countless hopeful young singers have struggled to fight their way from the hollers of Appalachia for the opportunity to be plucked from obscurity and rise to the top of the music charts Chasing Nashville delves into the real lives of these four young singers as they embark on the uncertain path thousands of others have sought for the rare chance at securing a recording contract. The pressure mounts onstage as they are coached and recruited for high-profile showcases by some of country's best scouts, including renowned Grammy-winning producer Keith Thomas (Trisha Yearwood's You're Where I Belong) and respected writer/producer Deanna Walker (The Dixie Chicks). 

But behind these budding stars are their cutthroat stage moms and dads who take competition seriously -- maybe too seriously -- as family dreams ride on their daughter's success. The girls are committed to make a better life for themselves by attempting to scale to the top of the mountain in the music world. 

"Chasing Nashville will be like no other unscripted singing show on television," says Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Lifetime. "This is not a polished studio competition. Our show tracks the actual reality of a group of amazingly talented young singers who want to be country music's stars of tomorrow. It will dive deep into their lives backstage and at home as they try to achieve what countless young Appalachian singers have tried before."
"Chasing Nashville" will follow the hopes and dreams of four hopefuls who have made the trek to Music City. They are:

  • Autumn Blair - A true coal-miners daughter, Autumn hails from one of the back hollers of West Virginia and is related to country great, Loretta Lynn
  • Helena Hunt – From Clyde, North Carolina, Helena lives in an actual log cabin and is known for her incredible music talent, including her prowess while playing the banjo
  • Lauren Marie Presley - Originally from Red Water, Texas, Lauren's single mother puts everything behind her daughter's dream while constantly reminding her that she may be related to the legendary Elvis Presley
  • Savannah Little – From Pikeville, Kentucky, Savannah comes in tow with a mom who manages every aspect of her career and spares no expense to ensure that she shines 

In addition, the series also features the up-and-coming Kentucky-based music talents Julia Knight from Lexington, Celeste Turner of Prestonsburg and Tyra Short from Pine Top. Nine episodes of the series have been ordered by the network.