Adam Hagerman

Rising country group LiveWire is currently on the road promoting their new single and video, "Whiskey Sunday." According to the band's lead singer, Andy Eutsler, the song is one that made an impact on the Missouri-based band from the first listen.

"That was pitched to us by the label, and after the first ten seconds, we knew we wanted to cut it," Eutsler told Billboard. "It was perfect for the kind of vocals that we have in the band."

What sets the song apart from most of the music they record is that it's from a pair of outside writers -- Joe Romano and Jason Vanover. Eutsler says they have kept most of the songs they have cut in-house. "We've got some good writers in the band, so normally, we don't really pay attention when something is pitched to us. But, in this case, I think it was demoed well, and we didn't stray too far from the demo. It was put together pretty well."

The band also had a fun time shooting the video for the song, which hits this week. Watch it:

"We wanted a dirty and grungy feel, so we shot it in an old warehouse next to Panama Rehearsal Studios, the same place where we rehearse our shows," noted Eutsler. "We also shot some of it a farmhouse, as well. It was an odd looking place, one that we thought would look good in a video."

In addition to Eutsler, LiveWire includes Danny Bell (rhythm guitar/harmony vocals), Bobby DeGonia (lead guitar/harmony vocals), Cory Shultz (fiddle/harmony vocals), Landon Rolfe (bass), Brad Allen (drums) and Scott Kwapiszeski (steel). Having been at it for a couple of years, LiveWire is starting to see the fans become more and more interested in their music, which Eutsler has no problems with whatsoever. "People will hear the song on the air, and come out and hear us. Then they hear the rest of our material, and we're able to get other people excited about our music – which is always a good thing."

The band just recently welcomed Allen and Kwapiszeski to the band. "We're pretty fortunate. They are both good guys, and easy to get along with. We've got a lot in common, too, and that always helps," Eutsler says.

Last month, LiveWire got to close the Summer OilPatch Festival in Drumright, OK, and Eutsler says it's always one of the year's highlights for the group. "It gets better every year. Rick Sellers does a great job with it, and there was such nice weather this year. We usually play the afternoon slots, and it has gotten tough in the past because it is so hot. This year, we were looking forward to playing in the evening for that reason alone, and it felt great. We had a great time."

In playing the July 4 festival, the band got to share the stage with the legendary Roy Clark, from whom Eutsler learned a lot about the passion with which he approaches his craft. "He told me that he was just happy to be able to do what he loved to do, and that was very inspiring." 

The band has several dates on the books this late summer and fall, with a September opening gig for the Marshall Tucker Band in Wichita. What lies ahead for LiveWire? "A lot of pen and paper action," notes Eutsler. "Danny has been writing, and I've written a few. I'd love to get another album out. We're just about there with the material."